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AcademyOne Inc Software company that automates the back-office student transfer process for universities through a database of course equivalencies N/A
Acuity Pharmaceuticals Inc A specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on the treatment of ophthalmic diseases. N/A
Adolor Corp N/A
Advanced Hardscape Solutions LLC Construction company focused on the design, sales, and installation of segmental retaining walls and interlocking pavingstones. N/A
Advanced Mobile Mobile telecommunications company providing iPhone/Android apps, custom mobile websites, text message marketing, and SMS Text/Chat. N/A
AeroPulse Inc Manufacturer of Pulse jet fabric filter dust collectors for every air pollution control and product recovery application. N/A
AHI Technologies LLC Manufacturer of tankless water heaters utilizing breakthrough, patented and patent pending technologies. Series A
Airput Inc Provider of vertical application mobilizer, partnering with both software providers and wireless data carriers. N/A
Aklero Risk Analytics Inc Provides a leading mortgage quality control technology platform and expert audit services for mortgage lenders, community bankers, credit unions N/A
Albridge Solutions Inc N/A
Altosoft Corp Provider of business intelligence solutions that eliminate the cost and complexity of conventional BI. N/A
American Hometec Tankless water heaters company. N/A
Analytical Graphics Inc Provider of mission-proven software for timely and cost-effective development and deployment of advanced space, defense and intelligence applications. N/A
AnySource Media LLC Develops Internet-enabled TV platforms for silicon companies and consumer electronics manufacturers of HDTV in the United States and internationally N/A
Appligent Inc Provider of Adobe Acrobat plug-in and server-based tools for on-demand customization, manipulation and delivery of electronic documents. N/A
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Co Developer and Manufacturer of therapeutically differentiated product. N/A
Automated Currency Instruments Inc Manufacturer of Ticket Redemption Kiosks and coin handling equipment, primarily for the casino industry. N/A
Beacon Bioscience Medical Imaging CRO (Contract Research Organization). N/A
Biocoat Inc Provider of biomaterial coatings for medical devices that are custom engineered to meet client design parameters. N/A
Bioconnect Systems Inc Bioconnect Systems, Inc. is pioneering novel surgical implants and techniques that form precisely controlled vascular connections. N/A
BioSyn Inc Biopharmaceutical company developing drugs for infectious disease and reproductive health. N/A
Boomi Inc Provider of bi-directional application and data integration. N/A
BuLogics Inc Provider of wireless energy-saving technology products. N/A
CeeLite Technologies LLC Manufacturer CeeLite® platform Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology. N/A
Center for Current Research Web-site for serious medical information, searching sophisticated databases at the National Library of Medicine. N/A
CenTrak Inc Provider of precise, adaptable, and cost-effective location solutions for healthcare facilities. N/A
Cephalon Inc Global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering, developing and bringing to market medications. N/A
Christini Technologies Inc Manufacturer of all-wheel drive mountain bike and motorcycle. N/A
Citigroup Inc A bank holding company N/A
Classic Finish Manufacturer of golf cart bag that separates into two smaller sections enabling rapid play. N/A
Clear Align LLC Manufacturer of custom imaging, sensing and fiber optic systems for defense, aerospace and commercial customers. N/A
ClickEquations Inc An intelligent paid search platform for large advertisers and agencies. N/A
CloudMine LLC Platform that eliminates the need for mobile application developers to build custom backend solutions for their mobile apps. N/A
Coates Analytics Group LP (Coates Analytics) Dashboard-based management software company providing the investment management industry. N/A
Cogniscape LLC Provider of software solutions that break down information barriers to enable truly creative fact-based decision making. N/A
Coldlight Solutions LLC Provides solutions to transform customer data into instructions for personally targeting individual accounts or customers to increase sales N/A
CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A Inc Provider of image sharing and e-commerce. N/A
Community Energy Inc Provider of renewable energy by delivering the full economic and environmental advantages of solar and wind energy. N/A
Core Solutions Inc Provider of electronic health records (EHR) technology. N/A
CoreDial LLC N/A
CorePROFIT Solutions Inc Provider of banks and credit unions and other financial services firms. N/A
Corridor Pharmaceuticals Inc Series A
Cross X Platform LLC Provider of capacity to scale and deliver results that business leaders expect. N/A
Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology LP Developer of music technology for the blind. N/A
DermAvance Pharmaceuticals Inc Provider of anti-aging facial products. N/A
Document Depository Corp (DDC) Provider of web-based applications that improve workflow efficiency and document management. N/A
Dragonfly Pictures Inc Developer of evolutionary designs for unmanned vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air vehicles. N/A
Dynamis Therapeutics Inc Developer of proprietary new drugs to treat chronic inflammatory disease.. N/A
E-Pak Technology Inc Provider of high quality evaporative cooled package chillers and chilled water plants. N/A

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