Cisco Systems Inc
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
United States

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Cisco Systems Inc
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US CIK 0000858877

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Networking hardware, software, and services

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Series A USD 2,500,000

USD 2,500,000 ( )

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Sequoia Capital Operations LLC (Sequoia) Venture capital firm.

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Profile Country Date Funding
Airespace Inc Wireless networking hardware company. Acquisition USD 450,000,000 (USD 450,000,000)
Analogix Semiconductor An innovator in high-performance analog and mixed-signal devices for digital media, particularly DisplayPort and HDMI. N/A
Ardent Communications Corp Acquisition USD 156,000,000 (USD 156,000,000)
ArrowPoint Communications Inc Acquisition USD 5,700,000,000 (USD 5,700,000,000)
Atlantech Technologies Ltd A network management software company. Acquisition USD 180,000,000 (USD 180,000,000)
Atlantis Computing Inc Developer of virtual server appliances that enhance storage virtualization for servers and desktops Series C
Avega Systems Inc distributor and networker of home entertainment products and subsystems. Series B
BNI Video Video control software company. Acquisition USD 99,000,000 (USD 99,000,000)
Cerent Corp Provider of network solutions and manufactures networking equipment. Acquisition
Cognio Inc Provider of wireless spectrum analysis and management for wireless networks Acquisition
Combinet Inc Remote access systems company. Acquisition
CoreExpress Inc Extranet communication company across multiple ISPs. Series A
Corvil Series C
CREDANT Technologies Inc Series C
CTERA Networks Ltd N/A
Digital Fountain Inc N/A
DynamicSoft Inc Acquisition
Emergent Technologies Inc Series D
Entropic Communications Inc Provider of silicon and software solutions to enable connected home entertainment. N/A
Exent Technologies Ltd N/A
Fibex Systems Inc Acquisition USD 250,000,000 (USD 250,000,000)
FineGround Networks Inc Acquisition USD 70,000,000 (USD 70,000,000)
Finjan Inc N/A
Fireclick Inc Provider of web analytics solutions. N/A
Five Across Inc N/A
Flarion Technologies Inc N/A
GeoTel Communications Corp Telecommunications management software company servicing distributed call centers. Acquisition
GlassHouse Technologies Inc Pioneer in the storage services sector, distinguishes itself by providing solutions from strategy to operations N/A
Grand Junction Networks Inc Acquisition USD 348,000,000 (USD 348,000,000)
Growth Networks Inc Advanced integrated circuit components for IP routers and ATM switches. Acquisition USD 355,000,000 (USD 355,000,000)
Hammerhead Networks Inc Acquisition
InfoGear Technology Corp Online information and services to information appliances Acquisition USD 301,000,000 (USD 301,000,000)
Interlink Computer Sciences Inc N/A
International Network Services Inc N/A
ip.access Ltd Makes market-leading femtocell and picocell solutions that solve coverage and capacity problems for mobile operators. Series A
iPass Inc iPass changes the economics of enterprise mobility and revolutionizes the connectivity experience. N/A
IPCell Technologies Inc Acquisition USD 200,000,000 (USD 200,000,000)
iPhotonics Inc Core optical manufacturing company. N/A
IronPort Systems Inc Provides email and Web security products for organizations Acquisition USD 830,000,000 (USD 830,000,000)
JetCell Inc Acquisition USD 200,000,000 (USD 200,000,000)
Kalon Semiconductor Inc Electronics/Chips & Semiconductors company based in San Diego, California. N/A
Klocwork Inc Series C
Latitude Communications Inc Acquisition USD 80,000,000 (USD 80,000,000)
LightLogic Inc Telecommunications equipment company developing wavelength division multiplexing laser-based components. Series C
LightPointe Communications Inc (LightPointe) High-speed optical wireless products company. N/A
Magma Design Automation Inc N/A
Mavenir Systems Inc Series D
Meiosys Inc Transparent middleware software company for optimizing and protecting business-critical applications. N/A
Metreos Corp Provides productivity enhancing software applications, deployment platform, and integrated development tools for VoIP communications Acquisition (USD 28,000,000)
Monterey Networks Inc Acquisition USD 500,000,000 (USD 500,000,000)

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