Correlation Ventures
San Diego, CA
United States

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KANDO id: 276517

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Investment firm which uses analytics and other computer modeling technologies to determine investment strategies.

Funds managed

Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital IRR x
Correlation Ventures II LP Venture 2016 USD 187,800,000
Correlation Ventures Executives Fund II LP Venture 2016 USD 7,000,000
Correlation Ventures I Venture 2012 USD 165,000,000
Correlation Ventures Executives Fund LP Venture 2010 3.08 % 1.08 x

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Profile Country Date Funding
Betterworks Systems Inc Integrated enterprise software designed to improve workplace efficiency and performance. Series B Initial investment
EarnUp Series A
PowerInbox Inc Seed
PowerInbox Inc Seed
PowerInbox Inc Series A
Zuberance Inc Social Media marketing company. Series B Initial investment

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[node:title] photo Jessica Robertson Boost VC