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Fintech venture fund managed by ING.

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4 years

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Fund Closing EUR 300,000,000

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Profile Country Date Funding
Axyon.AI Artificial intelligence service for corporates. N/A
Clark Germany GmbH Robo-insurance adviser. N/A
Financial Transaction Services BV (Cobase) Multibank platform for corporates. N/A
FinCompare GmbH Financing marketplace that helps SMEs find, compare, and close on the right financing solution. N/A
Fintonic Accoint aggregation and personal financial help. N/A
Kabbage Inc Instant SME lending. Series E
Openfin Inc "The operating system (OS) for enterprise productivity." N/A Initial investment led the round
Payconiq Instant payments app. N/A
R3 HoldCo LLC (R3) Developer of distributed software and enterprise technology for capital markets, financial services and other regulated industries. N/A
TradeIX Trade finance platform. N/A
Twisto Payments AS Instant consumer finance. N/A
Twyp Peer-to-peer payment app. N/A
WeLab Ltd Instant mobile lending for individuals. Series B
WeLab Ltd Instant mobile lending for individuals. N/A
Yolt Developer of mobile app for account aggregation and personal financial help. N/A

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