Insight Venture Partners
680 Fifth Avenue
8th Floor
New York, NY 10019
United States

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Insight Partners
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Private equity and venture capital firm focused on the global software, internet and data services industries.


Insight Partners is a leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software ScaleUp companies that are driving transformative change in their industries. Founded in 1995, Insight Partners has invested in more than 400 companies worldwide and has raised through a series of funds more than $30 billion in capital commitments. Insight's mission is to find, fund, and work successfully with visionary executives, providing them with practical, hands-on software expertise to foster long-term success. Across its people and its portfolio, Insight encourages a culture around a belief that ScaleUp companies and growth create opportunity for all.

Funds managed

Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital IRR x
Insight Venture Partners X Venture 2018 USD 6,300,000,000
Insight Venture Partners IX Venture 2015 USD 3,290,000,000
Insight Venture Partners VIII LP Venture 2013 USD 2,570,000,000
Insight Venture Partners VII LP Venture 2011 USD 1,570,000,000
Insight Venture Partners VI LP Venture 2007 USD 1,250,000,000 19.70 % 2.30 x
Insight Venture Partners V LP Venture 2005 USD 675,000,000 20.70 % 2.60 x
Insight Capital Partners IV Venture 2000 USD 740,000,000
Insight Capital Partners III Venture 1999
Insight Capital Partners II Venture 1997 USD 80,000,000
Insight Venture Partners I Venture 1996

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David Honig Uncommon Denominator LLC [email protected]
Aaron Rosenson Aleph Venture Capital

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