Morgenthaler Management Partners
2710 Sand Hill Road
Suite 100
Menlo Park, CA 94025
United States

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Morgenthaler Ventures
Morgenthaler Partners
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One of the oldest private equity investment firms in the US investing through both venture capital and leverage buyout transactions.

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Profile Country Date Funding
AneuRx Inc N/A
Arbor Health Care Co N/A
Ardian Inc Medical device company that develops catheter-based therapies to treat hypertension and related conditions. Series B
Bayhill Therapeutics A biopharmaceutical company focused on the translation of research into therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. N/A
Brion Technologies Inc Brion Technologies is the worldwide leader in computational lithography for integrated circuit Lithography-Driven Design and Manufacturing. N/A
Calithera Biosciences Inc Series A
Cardio Polymers Inc Biopharmaceutical company focused on non-destructive treatments for cardiac conduction abnormalities. N/A
CardioThoracic Systems Inc N/A
CareMedic Systems Inc Provider of comprehensive financial management for hospitals and providers N/A
Catalyst Biosciences Inc Developer of catalytic biopharmaceutical products based on engineered human proteases. Series C
Catalyst Biosciences Inc Developer of catalytic biopharmaceutical products based on engineered human proteases. Series B
Catena Networks Inc N/A
Coalescent Surgical Developer of an advanced technology for blood vessel anastomoses. N/A
Cortina Systems Inc Series D
Cortina Systems Inc Series C
Doximity Inc Social networking and collaboration company for healthcare professionals. Series B
Emphasys Medical N/A
Endwave Corp N/A
Five Star Technologies Patented controlled flow cavitation technology company to produce advanced materials and nanostructure (1-10) nanometers) specialty chemicals. N/A
FoldRx Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A
Force10 Networks Inc Leading global provider of next generation network infrastructure required to build and secure intelligent services networks. N/A
ForSight Labs LLC N/A
Galleon Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A
GlobeImmune Inc Biopharmaceuticals company. N/A
IC Mechanics Inc Electronics/Chips & Semiconductors company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania N/A

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