500 Startups Management Co LLC
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United States

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Official name
500 Startups Management Co LLC
Also known as
500 Startups
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Company type

Seed fund and startup accelerator.

Funds managed

Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital
500 Startups Canada LP Venture 2017 CAD 30,000,000
500 Fintech LP Venture 2017 USD 25,000,000
500 Startups JP LP Venture 2016 USD 50,000,000
500 Startups Istanbul LP Venture 2016 USD 15,000,000
500 Falcons LP Venture 2016 USD 30,000,000
500 Luchadores II LP Venture 2016 USD 10,000,000
500 Kulfi Venture 2016 USD 25,000,000
500 Startups IV LP Venture 2016 USD 49,642,857
500 Startups Vietnam LP Venture 2016 USD 10,000,000
500 Startups Japan LP Venture 2015
500 Nordics LP Venture 2015 USD 15,000,000
500 Mobile Collective LP Venture 2015 USD 10,000,000
500 Kimchi LP Venture 2015
500 Startups IV-A LP Venture 2015 USD 30,000,000
500 Tuktuks LP Venture 2015 USD 10,000,000
500 Luchadores LP Venture 2014 USD 2,500,000
Twilio Fund Europe 2013 Venture 2013
500 Startups Annex Fund LP Venture 2013
500 Startups III-A LP Venture 2013
500 Startups II-A LP Venture 2012

Funding rounds

Profile Country
Draper Associates
Wavemaker Partners LLC Early stage venture capital firm with offices in Los Angeles and Singapore.

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(sweet spot at USD 150,000)
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Top investment portfolio themes
fintech (9)  
insurance (2)  
blockchain (2)  
education (2)  
genomics (1)  
DNA (1)  
finance (1)  
music (1)  
accounting (1)  
YCS12 (1)  
YCW14 (1)  
payments (1)  
beauty (1)  

Actual initial investment stage
Seed (7)
N/A (1)

Investment activity status
Active investor

Selected investments

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Profile Country Date Funding
410 Labs Inc Series A
42 Technologies Analytics stack for omnichannel retailers and brands. Seed
955 Dreams Inc Seed
9GAG Inc Make the world happier. Seed
Affinity China N/A
Affinity China Seed
Aingel Corp N/A
Aksel Group Inc Seed
Alltrails Inc Seed
Appbistro Seed
AppStack Inc Provider of hosted mobile SMS communication solutions to small business owners. Seed (MMTG Labs) Seed Initial investment
Appzen Inc Artificial intelligence solution for back-office automation. Seed led the round Christine Tsai
Apsalar Inc Next generation smartphone application analytics and behavioural targeting solution. Series A
Apsalar Inc Next generation smartphone application analytics and behavioural targeting solution. Seed
Avanoo Inc Interactive, story-based learning for manages and teams. Seed Initial investment
AwayFind Seed
AwayFind Seed
BacklotCars Inc Seed
BackType Inc Seed
CapLinked Inc Series A Initial investment
CapLinked Inc Seed Initial investment
CatchFree Inc ( SAAS company operating a community driven website that allows discovering and sharing the web apps and avoiding those with hidden catches. Series A
Chain Inc Chain partners with financial institutions to build and deploy blockchain networks that enable programmatic transfer of digital assets. Series B
Connected Corp Contact management software company that unifies and dynamically updates users’ connections on email, social networks, calendars and phones. Seed

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