Draper Fisher Jurvetson
2882 Sand Hill Road
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Menlo Park, CA 94025
United States

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Early stage information technology venture capital firm.

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Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital
DFJ Venture XII LP Venture 2016 USD 350,000,000
DFJ Venture XI LP Venture 2014 USD 325,000,000
Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund IX LP Venture 2007 USD 650,000,000
Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund VI Venture 1999 USD 375,000,000
Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund V Venture 1998 USD 180,000,000
Draper Fisher Jurvetson II Venture
Draper Fisher Jurvetson VII

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Profile Country Date Funding
Bharat Light and Power Pte Ltd N/A
Box Inc Series A
Brickfish N/A
Brilliant Telecommunications Inc N/A
CafeMom (CMI Marketing Inc) Series A
Cleartrip Travel Services Pvte Ltd N/A
Closedloop Solutions Inc Enterprise software company and creator of the Dynamic Financial Control platform. Series C
CoalTek Inc Proprietary process for clean, efficient burning of coal. Series C
Cyras Systems Inc N/A
D.Light Design Inc An international consumer products company serving people without access to reliable electricity. N/A
Deeya Energy Inc N/A
DoAT Media Ltd (DoAT) N/A
EcoSMART Technologies Inc Producer of safe and effective organic pesticides N/A
EdeniQ Inc Series A
EnerNOC Inc Series B
EoPlex Technologies Inc N/A
Epocrates Inc Largest mobile computing network for physicians using hand-held PDA device. Series B
eSionic Corp Manufacturer of advanced molecular materials for applications in the electronics industry. N/A Inc (etang) Exclusively Chinese language web site aimed at the youth culture in Mainland China. N/A
Eve Biomedical Inc N/A
Eventful Inc World's largest database of live events Series A
Everdream Corp On-demand desktop management services. N/A
Everspin Technologies Inc N/A
Five Minutes Inc (Five Minutes) Chinese online social gaming company that operates a gaming platform, N/A
FlexICs Inc Electronics/Chips & Semiconductors company based in Milpitas, California. N/A
Focus Media Holding Ltd Provider of advertising services on poster frames, on screens in movie theaters, and on traditional outdoor billboards. N/A
Fogdog Sports Inc (Fogdog Inc) N/A
Fynanz Inc Web-based private student lending networks and solutions company. N/A
Game Trust Inc Series B
Gen9 Inc N/A
Genomatica Inc N/A
Gilt Groupe Holdings Inc (Gilt Groupe Inc) Innovative e-commerce company offering highly coveted products and experiences at insider prices. N/A
Glycos Biotechnologies Inc International biochemical company commercializing sustainable chemicals made from renewable feedstocks. N/A
Good Technology Inc N/A
GreatPoint Energy Inc N/A
GreenFuel Technologies Corp N/A
H5 Inc Leading search and information analysis firm. N/A
Hola Software company developing solutions to make internet faster. N/A
Homestead Technologies Inc (Homestead) Self-service web publishing company via consumer webware -- software that lives on the web. N/A
HyperNex Inc Commercial microstructure analysis tools company for 300/200 mm semiconductor production lines. N/A
IC Mechanics Inc Electronics/Chips & Semiconductors company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania N/A
icix Collaborative commerce network company. N/A
Imago Scientific Instruments Corp 3-dimensional imaging and analysis company to nanotechnology industries. N/A
Intematix Corp Developer of high-throughput combinatorial synthesis and screening of new materials for energy and electronic applications. Series C
Interwoven Inc Content management software company. N/A
iYogi Holdings Pvt Ltd Online computer support company catering to technology-driven needs computer users all over the world. Series C
iYogi Holdings Pvt Ltd Online computer support company catering to technology-driven needs computer users all over the world. Series D
Jaxtr Inc Seed
Jildy Inc N/A
Jing-Jin Electric Technologies (Beijing) Co Ltd (JJE) N/A

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