Harbour Group Ltd
7701 Forsyth Boulevard
Suite 600
St Louis, MO 63105
United States

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KANDO id: 4078

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Also known as
Harbour Group Industries
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Privately held operating company based in St. Louis, Missouri with additional offices in Shanghai, China and Bangalore, India.

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Profile Country Date Funding
Accurate Screw Machine Co Fastener distribution company. N/A
Advanced Assembly Automation Inc Assembly and testing integrated systems company, N/A
AEC Inc Process heating and cooling equipment and systems company. N/A
Allied Healthcare Products Inc Medical gas systems and respiratory therapy equipment company. N/A
American Mine Tool Carbide-tipped mining and road bits company. N/A
AMW Industries Centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps company. N/A
Architectural Medical Products Div Architectural headwalls company. N/A
Armac Industries Thermo forming company. N/A
Arrow Precision Elements Inc Flat parts and knitting elements company. N/A
Ashby Industries Inc Bleaching ranges, dyeing equipment company. N/A
ASM Co Inc Paint spraying accessories company. N/A
Assembly Machines Inc High speed assembly systems company. N/A
Assets of Oven Systems Inc Compressor cooling systems company. N/A
Atrax N/A
Auto Meter Products Inc High performance gauges and tachometers company. N/A
Automatic Spring Coiling Co Valve and clutch springs company. N/A
B&F Medical Products Inc Plastic disposable medical products company. N/A
Barnes de Columbia Submersible pumps company. N/A
Bear Medical Systems Inc Medical device company providing ventilators. N/A
BiCore Monitoring Systems Inc Respiratory monitoring systems company. N/A
Burks Pump Inc Turbine pumps company. N/A
California Comfort Corp Distributor of hearth products. N/A
Carbide International Corp Circuit board drills company. N/A
Carbidie Corp Tungsten carbide wear parts company. N/A
Central Industrial Supply Fasteners, metal components company. N/A

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