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ASep Healthcare Ltd Tournistrip is its award winning single-use disposable tourniquet and represents a simple and eloquent innovation for a medical tourniquet. N/A
Cardiovascular Imaging Solutions Ltd Creates software for the visualisation and analysis of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance images. N/A
Cell Medica Ltd A cell therapy company working on new techniques to cure human diseases. N/A
Ceres Power Ltd N/A
Circassia Holdings Ltd A specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing world-class immunotherapies. N/A
deltaDOT Ltd A life science company that is developing and commercialising innovative technologies for the separation and analysis of biomolecules. N/A
DUVAS Technologies Ltd Air quality management. N/A
Dynamic Boosting Systems Ltd Designs, engineers, and supplies air and gas- handling equipment, and associated motors and drives. N/A
EMcision Ltd A medical device company that uses established technologies in innovative ways to produce and market medical devices. N/A
Epigeum Ltd Publishes high quality online training courses used by academic institutions around the world. N/A
Equinox Pharma Ltd A computationally-driven drug discovery company. N/A
Evince Technology Ltd Has created a new class of diamond electronic device that will revolutionise the control of electrical power. N/A
Evo Electric Ltd Develops and manufactures advanced electric machines, hybrid drive trains and generator sets. N/A
Ionscope Ltd Develops, manufactures and sells systems for scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM), a new SPM technique. N/A
IR Pharma Ltd Respiratory Pharmacology pre-clinical drug discovery to the biopharma and pharma industries. N/A
IXICO Ltd A leading medical imaging company that provides imaging biomarkers for clinical trials, research studies and diagnostics. N/A
Jointanalysis Ltd An orthopaedic imaging company specialising in the 3D analysis of human joints and human joint replacements. N/A
Lontra Ltd A UK based Cleantech start-up developing energy saving compressors and engines. N/A
Medermica Ltd A technology development company, focused on diagnostic and sensor technologies for laboratory and healthcare applications. N/A
Membrane Extraction Technology Ltd (MET) A specialist separation process development business which develops cost-saving applications. N/A
Metabometrix Ltd A spin-out company founded on the skills and expertise of the world-leading metabonomics research team at Imperial College London. N/A
Microtest Matrices Ltd An Imperial College spin out targeting the Allergy, Autoimmune, Infectious Disease and Influenza markets. N/A
Midaz Lasers Ltd A young and agile company, but its patented laser technology and products are the outcome of many years of laser research. N/A
MISSION Therapeutics Ltd A specialist biotechnology company developing treatments for the management of life-threatening diseases. N/A GBP 140,000,000
Molecular Vision Ltd An Imperial College spin-out company that develops low-cost diagnostic devices for use in the doctor's surgery and in the home. N/A
Mycologix Ltd Leader in natural, energy-efficient biological processes. N/A
Navion Pharma Ltd A therapeutics company focusing on discoveries in the areas of Cancer and Metastatic disease (secondary cancer). N/A
Nexeon Ltd Battery materials and licensing company developing silicon anodes for the next generation of lithium-ion battery. N/A GBP 4,000,000
Novacem Ltd Has developed a carbon negative cement which offers a transformational solution to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions from the cement industry N/A
OSspray Ltd A leader in the innovation of biomaterials for minimally invasive dentistry and caries management. Series A GBP 3,000,000 (USD 6,000,000)
Permasense Ltd Develops and manufactures advanced, continuous corrosion monitoring systems for the Oil and Gas industries. N/A
Plaxica Ltd N/A
PolyTherics Ltd Applies precision chemistry to develop protein and peptide-based drugs. N/A
Process Systems Enterprise Ltd The leading supplier of high-fidelity predictive modelling software and model-based engineering and innovation services to the process industries. N/A
PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd A biotechnology company using non-traditional approaches to develop novel therapeutics. N/A
RepRegen Ltd An emerging medical device company using patent-pending repair and regeneration technology in two platforms designed to mend and regrow tissue. N/A
Sensixa Ltd Has developed a miniaturised wireless pervasive sensing device that can be used for accurate physical activity monitoring. N/A
Southside Thermal Sciences Ltd (STS Ltd) Develops and commercializes sensors based on optical technology. N/A
Stanmore Implants Worldwide Ltd An innovative orthopaedic business focused on patient specific primary implants, orthopaedic oncology and complex primary and revision cases. N/A
Think Play Do Group Ltd Provides consultancy, seminars and workshops and software development. N/A
Cortexica Vision Systems Ltd The creators of a bio-inspired vision system enabling intelligent image recognition. N/A
Featurespace Ltd Online analytics for gaming and financial services Venture led the round
Featurespace Ltd Online analytics for gaming and financial services Venture
Featurespace Ltd Online analytics for gaming and financial services Venture lets you transform any website into a table of data or a Structured API. Series A led the round
Inivata Ltd Clinical cancer genomics company focused on harnessing the potential of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve cancer testing and treatment N/A Led the round.
Oxford Immunotec Ltd Venture led the round
Smart Surgical Appliances Ltd A medical device company, develops sensor-enabled surgical instrumentation. N/A
Veryan Medical Ltd Developing innovative solutions for vascular disease using the principles of biomimicry. N/A
WaveOptics Ltd Series A led the round

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