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Platform that provides instant, zero-fee transfers to Africans at home and in the diaspora.

Decentralized stablecoin protocol.

Stablecoin with an algorithmic central bank.

Binance stablecoin mirroring the value of USD.

Open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

Developer of algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications.

Meta stablecoin index currently backed by Curve finance LP tokens.

Decentralized foreign exchange protocol optimized for stablecoins.

Decentralized stablecoin that leverages protocol controlled value (PCV) for peg maintenance while maintaining highly liquid secondary markets.

Decentralised payment network and stablecoin.

Synthetic Australian Dollar stablecoin.

Synthetic British Pound stablecoin.

Synthetic Canadian Dollar stablecoin.

Synthetic Chinese Yuan stablecoin.

Synthetic Euro stablecoin.

Japanese Yen synthetic stablecoin.

Singapore Dollar synthetic stablecoin.

Swiss Frank synthetic stablecoin.

Decentralized borrowing protocol that offers interest-free liquidity against ETH as collateral.

Decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain seeking to minimize the price volatility of its stable token (Dai) against the USD.

Decentralized & scalable stablecoin ecosystem.

Autonomous and non-custodial stablecoin infrastructure.

Blockchain protocol that uses fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-​stable global payments systems.

Permissionless decentralised protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending & borrowing services through smart contracts.

Stablecoin partially backed by collateral and partially stabilized algorithmically.

Open source, smart contract-based stablecoin.

Open source platform allowing anybody to create and execute yield farming & trading strategies on the Ethereum Defi ecosystem.