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Dynamic photodiodes (DPD) for smart light sensors.

Design, manufacture, and commissioning of energy management solutions for the retrofit of commercial buildings.

Anomaly detection technology

Develops sensors and algorithms to monitor including mine roofs, highway bridges and tunnels

Designs, develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art, high performance commercial and industrial sensors.

Commercializes a novel platform analytical technology to characterize liquids for industrial and medical use

(BAE SYSTEMS Inertial Products Inc)

AuthenTec is a leading provider of mobile and network security.

Developer and marketer of an ultra low power integrated wireless video sensor platform.

Manufacturer of patented water-treatment devices and sensor technologies for use in spa, pool, fountain, and cooling-tower applications.

An electronics hardware system company, designs and manufactures thermal imaging sensors and cameras.

Developer of DNA biochips aimed at enabling the delivery of valuable genetic information to biomedical researchers, physicians, and industrial users.

Manufacturer remote monitoring systems for critical infrastructure

Leading supplier of wireless sensor technology and inertial MEMS sensors for navigation and control.

Developer of continuous glucose monitoring systems for ambulatory use

global leader providing innovative solutions for materials testing and extrusion-control monitoring for the plastics industry.

Leading supplier of optical-coated glass producst

Developer of wireless and implantable pressure sensors that implanted as part of interventional cardiovascular procedures.

Developer and marketer of innovative wireless sensors that are powered solely by their environment.

Develope and manufacturer of advanced infrared materials and sensors used in high-performance imaging systems by defense and commercial customers.

Developer of “chip-level” software for wireless sensor networks using the ZigBee (802.15.4) wireless standard.

A Belgium-based leader in active pixel CMOS image sensor technology. Sold to Cypress Semiconductor Inc in 2004 for $123m.

Provider of RFID, mobility and sensor-based edge software solutions.

Develops an intravascular sensor capable of continuously monitoring a patient’s glucose for the length of their stay in the ICU.

Very low power wireless transceivers for wireless sensor markets.

Provider of a technology solutions for the future of aging services.

Develops and manufactures infra-red sensors.

High tech enterprise specialised in research and development of SCV (Sensor Control Vehicle).

Kionix, Inc. is a global leader in the design and fabrication of high-performance, silicon-micromachined MEMS inertial sensors.

Provider of a wide range of Glass to Metal Seal capabilities.

Commercialized a powerful gas-sensing technology.

A technology development company, focused on diagnostic and sensor technologies for laboratory and healthcare applications.

Membrane instrumentation and optimization technology for monitoring and controlling water quality in filtration-based water treatment plants

A leading worldwide provider of commercial and industrial wireless networking systems and products for the energy management and automation markets

Developer of body and mind monitoring and analysis technologies and brain-computer interface.

Custom manufacturer and designer of inspection and test equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Manufacturer of high-performance spintronic products, including sensors and couplers that are used to acquire and transmit data.

A medical device company developing advanced external and implantable sensor systems for applications in the field of orthopedics.

Has developed novel, highly sensitive, non-contact sensors which can detect and measure a variety of materials.

Manufacturer of optical sensors for harsh environments.

Develops and manufactures advanced, continuous corrosion monitoring systems for the Oil and Gas industries.

The leading manufacturer of vibration energy harvesting devices.

Advanced image capture sensors and capabilities.

Developer of planting sensors and web-based technology for home gardeners

Venture-financed company located in Silicon Valley that licenses algorithmic software and platforms for mobile consumer applications.

SensorTran is an ISO 9001 certified, global supplier of fiber optic-based distributed monitoring solutions.

Advanced semiconductor materials.

A medical device company, develops sensor-enabled surgical instrumentation.

(STS Ltd)
Develops and commercializes sensors based on optical technology.