Featured recent deals

Hounddog.ai Inc - Seed

Health data security and privacy company. (United States)
USD 3,100,000 (USD 3,100,000)

Plume Network Inc - Seed

Layer-2 blockchain for real-world assets. (United States)
USD 10,000,000 (USD 10,000,000)


Majority USA LLC - N/A

Immigrant-focused neobank based in Miami. (United States)
USD 12,500,000 (USD 12,500,000)


WeatherXM AG - Series A

Hyperlocal weather data provider. (Switzerland)
USD 7,700,000 (USD 7,700,000)

weather information,

DeepL SE - N/A

Language translation artificial intelligence (AI). (Germany)
USD 300,000,000 (USD 300,000,000)

machine translation,
artificial intelligence

Alpian SA - Series C

USD 83,000,000 (USD 83,000,000)


Colendi Holdings Ltd - Series B

USD 65,000,000 (USD 65,000,000)


Eden Health Inc - Acquisition

Primary care and insurance navigation company. (United States)

Hydrolix Inc - Series B

Streaming data lake platform. (United States)
USD 35,000,000 (USD 35,000,000)

data lakes,
streaming data

Nighthawk Cloud Inc - Acquisition

Provider of investigative data visualisation and analysis.

data visualisation,
investigative data