Mr Leon Y Recanat

KANDO id: 88725


Leon Y. Recanati is currently the Chairman and CEO of GlenRock Israel Ltd., a private investment company whose main field of activity is venture capital investments in startup companies engaged in life sciences, biotechnology, medical devices, and in advanced technologies. Until May 2003, and prior to founding GlenRock, he served as Chairman & CEO of IDB Holding Corporation Ltd., Chairman of Clal Industries and Investments Ltd., and Chairman of Azorim Investment Development and Construction Ltd., in addition to several other positions in a variety of operating companies in Israel. Mr. Recanati initiated in 1998 Clal Biotechnologies Ltd. (CBL). Clal Industries invested $100 million in CBL. Clal Biotechnologies is considered the largest biotechnology investment company operating in Israel. Mr. Recanati has a M.B.A. and B.S. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Honorary Doctorate degrees from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and Tel Aviv University. Mr. Recanati is actively heading numerous charitable enterprises in Israel..