Featured recent deals

QuantumScape Corp - IPO

New battery technology company established by former Stanford University researchers. (United States)

energy storage,
battery technology,

Apeel Technology Inc - Venture

(United States)
USD 30,000,000 (USD 30,000,000)

Render - Seed

The simplest cloud provider for all your apps and sites.
USD 4,500,000 (USD 4,500,000)

Intellimize - Series A

(United States)
USD 12,000,000 (USD 12,000,000)

Stryder Corp - Series D

Recruitment platform. (United States)
USD 80,000,000 (USD 80,000,000)


Truvalue Labs - Acquisition

Technology company leveraging advances in natural language processing, cognitive computing, and machine learning to provide actionable insights.

capital markets,
institutional trading,
artificial intelligence,
environmental social and governance (ESG)

Savana Medica - N/A

Machine learning-based service that turns clinical notes into structured patient information for physicians and pharmacists. (Spain)
USD 15,000,000 (USD 15,000,000)

RiseKit - N/A

Temporal Technologies Inc - Series A

Open source microservices orchestration platform for running mission critical code at any scale. (United States)
USD 18,800,000 (USD 18,800,000)

PassiveLogic - Series A

(United States)
USD 16,000,000 (USD 16,000,000)