Country Profile Funding round Value Date
OpenDialog AI Ltd Developer of conversational AI chatbots for regulated industries. Series A USD 8,000,000
ElevenLabs AI voice synthesis platform. Series B USD 80,000,000
Distributional Modern enterprise platform for AI testing and evaluation to make AI safe, reliable and secure. Seed USD 11,000,000
Pika Labs Developer of artificial intelligence tools to generate and edit videos. N/A USD 55,000,000
Osium AI French AI startup focused on material sciences R&D. Seed USD 2,600,000
Akkio No-code AI company. Series A USD 15,000,000
Caldera Labs Inc Changing how companies engage with customers for support and sales. Acquisition
Gensyn Ltd Machine learning compute protocol that unites all of the world’s compute into a global supercluster, accessible by anyone at any time. Series A GBP 33,800,000
Dumme Using AI to turn a video into multiple shorts, while preserving the original context and structure. Seed USD 3,400,000
Poly Generating design assets in seconds. Seed USD 4,000,000


Provider of analytics software for accessing transaction data.

Developer of a self-driving system.

Maker of chips and machines for mining Bitcoin.

P2P insurance startup.

Supply chain payments and marketplaces.

Provider of receivables software.

API for training data.

Predictive analytics in the cloud.

Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence in the fields of life extension and the prevention of age-related diseases.

China's first online credit assessment and reporting company.

AI software to streamline business operations in sectors including insurance, banking and logistics.

Online lending marketplace that provides personal loans using predictive models to determine creditworthiness of borrowers.

AI tools for the broader enterprise.