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Digital currency for the music Industry.

Decentralized audio distribution, attribution, and monetization.

A digital technology company that designs and develops innovative audio technologies and products for music fanatics and movie buffs.

Supplier of books, videos (DVDs/VHS) and music to both the institutional and retail markets.

International video music network that provides local artists with a platform to promote their talent on an international network.

Independent online store and music platform

(Bertelsmann Music Group), (BMG)

Network of pop culture Internet properties.

An online retailer of CDs and other music-related products

Music technology company redefining how people collaboratively practice, perform, and teach music.

Blockchain platform where artists get funding, distribution and marketing support from backers and share their revenues when music is streamed.

Live music discovery and mobile ticketing platform.

Eagle Rock is a producer, publisher and worldwide distributor of music programming and documentaries for TV and DVD.

Industry leader in creating and licensing music and sound for traditional marketing communications.

Music powered commerce.

Provider of mobile music solutions for wireless operators and mobile music retailers.

The first music streaming service tailor-made for classical music.

Music strategies and personalised ‘streaming’ for retail businesses in order to improve their customers’ in-store experience.

Provider of management and professional services to the sports, music and entertainment sectors.

Automatic music writing software.

Provider of Digital music effects/ processors.

Platform for music-based NFTs.

Blockchain-based platform to provide an inclusive ecosystem through a multitude of services.

A software company focused on music educational software that makes learning an instrument fun and easy.

Provider of a digital music library and software.

Decentralised technology network & community dedicated to the adoption of Web3 in the music industry via NFTs, micro-licensing, DAO governance & DeFi.

Web-based digital music technology company.

Mobile software application company that connects commerce and creation while making digital music an art of promotion.

Development of exciting new music formats.

Music-based value added service provider.

America’s full-service music and voice lessons provider.

Developer of mobile music recognition technology.

Sonic technologies for distributed devices.

Social Music Marketing™ platform.

Provider of multi-room digital music systems.

Developer of sound, music and speech recognition and conversion platform

State of the art acoustic technologies for medical and music applications.

Distributor of music and entertainment CDs and DVDs for consumers.

(StarMaker Studios)
A leading developer of music-based social media platforms that empower anyone to participate in music creation.

Interactive pay TV music video channel

The interstellar music festival of the future.

Brooklyn-based distribution platform for musicians.

Music showcasing website

Provider of music publishing and recorded music services.

Technology company with software and tools to help music lovers.