Abalone Bio
Richmond, CA
United States

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Abalone Bio
Emeryville, CA
United States

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KANDO id: 1051136

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Antibody drug discovery.


Abalone Bio developed a technology to find antibody drugs that activate and modulate cell surface receptors, the “antennae” on cells that help convert chemical signals into cellular responses, like growth. Antibodies are a growing class of drugs that have tremendous safety and efficacy advantages over small molecules; 7 of the top 10 selling drugs are antibodies, earning an average of $7B in revenue. However, antibodies- especially ones that activate and modulate cell surface receptors- are hard to find. Abalone Bio expands the playing field for antibody therapeutics and enables us to previously access treatments for untreated diseases. We have already discovered a novel antibody that activates a non-opioid receptor that produces analgesia. We are developing this antibody into a treatment for neuropathic pain – a medical condition that currently is treated with drugs like addictive opiates. The same molecule is also a potential treatment for inflammatory and fibrotic diseases, all 1B+ markets.

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Y Combinator American technology startup accelerator. Initial investment.

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Active investor


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Gustavo Pesce (founder)
Richard Yu (founder)

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