Alsop Louie Partners
551B Presidio Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94129
United States

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Early-stage, risk-oriented technology venture capital firm in San Francisco.

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Profile Country Date Funding
Crowdcast Inc Have meaningful live interactions with your audience. N/A
Dijit N/A
Eat Metrics N/A
Elastic Intelligence Inc N/A
Framehawk Inc N/A
FunSockets N/A
Gowalla Inc Provider of a location-based social networking platform N/A
GridSpeak Corp N/A
iControl Inc N/A Inc N/A
Kidlandia Inc N/A
Moonshoot Inc N/A
Ness Computing Inc N/A
Net Power & Light Inc N/A
NetWitness Corp N/A
newMentor N/A
Next Big Sound Inc N/A
Phizzle Inc N/A
Qwhisper Inc N/A
Redux Inc N/A
Resilient Network Systems Inc N/A
Ribbit Corp N/A
Ruckus Media Group LLC N/A
Smith & Tinker Inc Connected multi-platform entertainment company. N/A
Sportgenic Inc N/A
TopSchool Inc N/A
Zephyr Technology Corp N/A
Aerospike Inc (Citrusleaf) Series A
Aerospike Inc (Citrusleaf) Series B
Aerospike Inc (Citrusleaf) Series C
Aerospike Inc (Citrusleaf) Series D
Citrusleaf Inc N/A
Hover Inc Platform that generates accurate, interactive 3D models of any property. Series A led the round
Niantic Inc (Niantic Labs) Gaming startup spun out of Google and backed by Nintendo. Series A Initial investment led the round
Sapho Inc Developer of an enterprise software platform that aims to surface relevant tasks and data using micro apps. Series B Initial investment
Wickr Inc Series A Initial investment led the round
Cleversafe Inc Provider of dispersed data storage technologies. N/A Initial investment Exited (Trade sale)

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Gilman Louie

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