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Incubator and a backer for the most promising ventures in the blockchain industry.


Evangelion functions as both an incubator and a backer for the most promising ventures in the blockchain industry. From humble origins as traders on shady exchanges back when Bitcoin was in three digits, Evangelion has organically grown into a respected investor with an in depth knowledge of blockchain and the various marketing facets of the industry. Our mission is to act as a catalyst for widespread Blockchain adoption and innovation.

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CasperLabs Holdings AG N/A Initial investment
FTX Trading Ltd (FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange) Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.
N/A Initial investment
Sigmadex Self-stabilizing, community-driven, and game theory enhanced liquidity protocol. N/A Initial investment
Titan Hunters (TITA) Game project with the combination of NFT technology (earning nature) and MMORPG. Private Round Initial investment

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