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Activiomics Ltd Developed a groundbreaking and patented technology that will enable a transformation. N/A
Actual Experience Ltd Analytics are used by businesses to quantify and improve the actual experience of key applications for their customers and users. N/A
Amaethon Ltd Commercialisation of plant and microbial science. N/A
Aptuscan Ltd A privately owned UK biotechnology company. N/A
Asalus Medical Instruments Ltd The future of medical device innovation. N/A
Avacta Group PLC Developing innovative chemical and biological detection technology for the healthcare, defence, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sectors. N/A
C-Capture Ltd Developing new materials for use in carbon capture and storage (CCS). N/A
Capsant Neurotechnologies Ltd Focused on solving problems in the discovery of novel targets and drugs for central nervous system disorders. N/A
CH4E Ltd Formed to develop and manufacture small to medium scale anaerobic digesters. N/A
Chamelic Ltd A developer of stimulus responsive polymers, primarily for smart coating applications. N/A
Crysalin Ltd Founded to research, develop and license crysalin lattice technology - a new area of protein-based nanotechnology. N/A
Dispersia Ltd A specialist heat transfer company with expertise in nanofluids. N/A
Dyecat Ltd An innovative new technology company that combines expertise in polymerisation, colouration and catalysis. N/A
Emdot Ltd Has a revolutionary inkjet technology with superior capabilities to conventional inkjet. N/A
Empiricom Technologies Ltd Expert systems development. N/A
Encos Ltd Developed a unique patented technology for producing fully sustainable construction products. N/A
Evocutis PLC A leading dermatology company that provides a comprehensive range of contract research services to support skin science R&D. N/A
Frontier IP Group PLC Specialises in the commercialisation of Intellectual Property principally from universities and is listed on the AIM market. N/A
GETECH Group PLC An oil services business specialising in the compilation and analysis of gravity and magnetic data. N/A
Green Chemicals PLC A spin-out from the Dept of Colour and Polymer Chemistry at the University of Leeds, was established to develop and exploit innovative chemicals. N/A
Icona Solutions Ltd Has developed visualisation and tolerance software that can simulate phenomena such as tolerances, dimensions, deformable materials. N/A
Ilika PLC Focused on high throughput methods of screening, synthesising and characterising very large numbers of new materials. N/A
Inhibox Ltd Provides novel software to screen large libraries of molecules against therapeutic targets. N/A
iQur Ltd Established to develop novel approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of liver disorders, particularly Hepatitis C and liver fibrosis. N/A
Karus Therapeutics Ltd Aiming to make the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer more effective. N/A
Mode Diagnostics Ltd (Mode Dx) A development company focused on integrating biosensing and electronics to produce products for the home-based point-of-care markets. N/A
Modern Water PLC Owns exciting leading edge desalination technology which produces large volumes of water at lower cost, in an environmentally responsible way. N/A
Nanotecture Group PLC Based on proprietary technology related to the manufacture and application of highly-organised, nano-porous metals and metal oxides. N/A
Overlay Media Ltd Formed with the aim of enabling the next generation of mobile applications. N/A
Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group PLC Delivers coatings technology based on the carbene chemistry. N/A
Oxford Catalysts Group PLC Has platform IP in the clean fuels market, allowing it to create catalysts which match, or exceed, the performance of competing catalyst technologies. N/A
Oxford RF Sensors Ltd Has developed novel, highly sensitive, non-contact sensors which can detect and measure a variety of materials. N/A
Oxtox Ltd Bringing technology to the drugs of abuse testing market. N/A
Pharminox Ltd Develops novel cancer drugs. N/A
Photopharmica Ltd Formed to develop light sensitive drugs for indications including oncology and infection. N/A
Plexus Planning Ltd Has developed a breakthrough product in the field of process and programme management and optimisation. N/A
Polar OLED Ltd Formed to develop and commercialise IP created by the University of Hull in liquid crystal based, OLED technologies. N/A
Progenteq Ltd Developing a novel cartiledge replacement therapy that has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of acute knee injuries. N/A
Proximagen Group PLC Based on the expertise of Professor Peter Jenner, one of the world's leading authorities on neuro-degenerative diseases. N/A
Retroscreen Virology Ltd Europe's leading contract virology research company. N/A
Revolymer Ltd Focused on developing new polymers with enhanced physical properties manufactured from existing commodity polymers. N/A
Rock Deformation Research Ltd Services and tools to examine the impact of faults and other structures on hydrocarbon reserves. N/A
Rock Solid Images PLC A high-end geophysical consultancy providing product and services to the upstream oil and gas industry: helping its customers drill better wells. N/A
Seren Photonics Ltd Aims to unlock the full potential of nitride-based, ultrahigh efficient, white LEDs. N/A
Stratophase Ltd Supplies optoelectronic components. N/A
StructureVision Ltd A provider of technology and consulting solutions to industries involved with making, using, storing, handling and processing particulate materials. N/A
Sustainable Resource Solutions Ltd An integrated resource management company. N/A
Synairgen PLC Objective is the discovery and development of novel treatments for chronic respiratory disorders including asthma. N/A
Tissue Regenix Group PLC Leverage innovative tissue engineering platform technologies to develop and commercialise acellular tissue matrices. N/A
Tracsis PLC Provides intelligent resource scheduling software to worldwide transport markets. N/A

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