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Business incubation network run by five universities in Southern England.

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University of Exeter Initial investment.


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University of Bath Academic institution Initial investment.
University of Bristol Academic institution Initial investment.
University of Southampton (Southampton University) Academic institution Initial investment.
University of Surrey Initial investment.

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United Kingdom
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United States
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10kTeeth Ltd (Ten Thousand Teeth) Using additive manufacturing technology and online education to enable a better learning experience for dentistry students. N/A
2iC Ltd N/A
3D EMS (3D Metal Printing) N/A
3men in a boat N/A
3PayGroup N/A
3Vision N/A
4track N/A
4we2 N/A
a2z Technologies Ltd N/A
AccelerComm Ltd Semiconductor IP company specialising in channel coding solutions for LTE and 5G NR. N/A
Accelogress Ltd Software development and project management consultancy services with expertise in mobile, web and specialized software and systems development. N/A
Account Management Online Ltd (AMO) Developer of a digital salesperson. N/A
AccurIC Ltd N/A
Actisense N/A
ActivotecSPP Ltd Developer and manufacturer of automated peptide synthesizers to sell worldwide to the peptide synthesis community. N/A
ad-eon N/A
Adaptive Business Systems Ltd N/A
Adhesion Technologies Ltd N/A
Adiuri N/A
AdsumNet Ltd (Adsum Networks) N/A
Advanced Transport Systems Ltd N/A
Advantagious Ltd GDPR compliant and centralised database of data profiles controlled by users, that businesses can request access to only when they need it. N/A
Aerotails Ltd N/A
agileBase (agilechilli) N/A
Agilic Ltd N/A
AGP Micro Ltd N/A
AI Energy Solutions (AIES) Design, manufacture and supply of equipment to the upstream Oil & Gas sector. N/A
Airponix Ltd N/A
AISSA Labs Builder of automated live chatting-bots and expert systems, specializing in the shopping assistant area. N/A
Akya Ltd Supplier of semiconductor intellectual property for digital signal processing with emphasis on mobile media applications. N/A
Alcis Holdings Ltd Provider of geographic information services that enable better understanding of insecure and complex environments around the world. N/A
ALERT Technology The world's first range of portable, accurate real-time warning devices to alert users to the presence of deadling airborne asbestos fibres. N/A
Alitica Provider of analytics for the restaurant industry. N/A
All Join N/A
Almeida Consulting N/A
Ambersoft Consulting Ltd N/A
Amphibia Group (Amphibia BASE) Professional services firm specializes in the design, research, development and construction of structural building solutions with Bamboo. N/A
Animus Technology Ltd N/A
Annotag Annotag enables you to intelligently record, tag (index), search and share within live or pre-recorded video content. N/A
Apaclara Ltd N/A
Apitope Technology (Bristol) Ltd Other
Appliance Studio Other
AptCore Ltd Other
Aptenex Ltd Provider of software as a service (SaaS) to the vacation rental market. Other
Aquarius Population Health Other
Aragreen (UK) Ltd Other
Ardenzia Other
ARQ Media N/A
Art of Silicon Ltd N/A
Arthromics N/A

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