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KANDO id: 2007032

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Trading, advisory and asset management firm specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets.


Altonomy is a trading, advisory and asset management firm specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets. It is the first-ever dedicated sell-side trading desk to provide institutional-grade liquidity solutions, OTC trading, advisory and asset management services under one roof.

Funding rounds

Seed USD 7,000,000

USD 7,000,000 ( )

Profile Country Notes
Polychain Capital LLC Hedge fund investing in cryptocurrencies. Initial investment. Led the round.
7 Blocks Initial investment.

Top investment portfolio themes
liquidity (1)  
metaverse (1)  
lending (1)  
Polkadot (1)  
fintech (1)  

Actual initial investment stage
N/A (3)

Investment activity status
Active investor

Selected investments

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Profile Date Funding
Bandot Foundation Cross-chain unsecured lending system. N/A Initial investment
Bifrost Global Ltd N/A Initial investment (NUUM) Platform for user-created metaverses and games with opportunities to earn. Private Round Initial investment
BoringDAO Decentralised bridge that connects all blockchain assets. N/A Initial investment
OpenOcean (OOE) One-stop decentralized crypto trading solution. Private Round Initial investment
Zone (ZONE) Gamefi ecosystem on Algorand that combines on-chain gaming challenges, yield farming and NFTs to create a free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem. Private Round Initial investment

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