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No-code platform for algo-crypto trading.


Today’s high-volatility conditions of the crypto markets force traders to react quickly. At the same time, active investing is difficult and requires a significant amount of time. While professionals can code algorithmic bots and use sophisticated tools, retail investors are falling behind. Coinrule empowers regular investors to compete with professional algorithmic traders and Hedge funds. It introduces a smart no-code platform where users can build trading strategies without programming a single line of code. Coinrule sits a layer above trading exchanges and sends automated trading instructions via APIs to exchange of any choice. They have currently established partnerships with 12 leading exchanges, and more than 130 000 rules were created on the platform during 2020.

Funding rounds

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CV VC AG Private company based in Zug which invests in all stages of the crypto and blockchain growth cycle. Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
Y Combinator New type of startup incubator. Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
MKB Fintech Lab Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
Accelerator Frankfurt Initial investment.

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Active investor

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[node:title] photo Oleg Giberstein (founder)
[node:title] photo Zdenek Hofler (founder)
[node:title] photo Gabriele Musella (founder)

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