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Smart contract

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Decentralized referral network helping people and organizations reach their ideal audience and spark action.


2key is re-inventing the link. Our protocol fuses blockchain with HTTP, allowing anyone to generate and interact with smart contracts using regular browsers and link sharing. We’re using this novel technology to build the 2key Network – an innovative​ platform empowering anyone to create Social Sourcing campaigns - incentivising the human network to achieve results of value via result-driven online virality. 2key is creating a future where the simple act of sharing useful information with one another on the web will be fairly rewarded!

Current team


List of the current and past investors into with their respective financial instruments.

Profile Country Round
Brilliance Ventures Israeli based Venture Capital fund, which invests in core technology in growth stages. N/A
Coin IX N/A
Eli Gelman Individual investor. N/A
Fengshui Capital N/A
Hiraku Ventures N/A
Julian Gidron Individual investor. N/A
Ofer Rotem Individual investor. N/A
Shai Mohaban Individual investor. N/A
Tel Aviv Capital TLVC N/A
Wings Foundation Switzerland N/A