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Smart contract
Smart contract
Smart contract

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Scalable and decentralised lending protocol on Cardano.
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David Abashidze

David provides management for ADALend social media. By supporting communication on various social platforms, Davids main focus is to ensure that the content posted meets the brand guidelines and overall communication style.

Kaspars Koskins

Kaspars is an experienced entrepreneur with successful businesses across finance and technology. It was Kaspars experience of working in the world of traditional consumer lending and savings that inspired him to launch ADALend. Frustrated with the low interest rates for savers and difficulty to access credit for many borrowers, Kaspar’s vision and mission for ADALend is to eliminate the banks and intermediaries, and leverage the power of the Cardano blockchain to democratize and decentralise the world of finance.

Ali Krynitsky

Ali has many years of operational experience in leading Software Development and Technology projects and has strong research and academic background, making him well suited to the research and peer-reviewed-led process of building on Cardano. Ali was previously the CEO and founder of Robatz Network, an IT company that focuses on swarming technologies and complex custom software development. Ali is passionate about the mission of Cardano to bring financial inclusion to the world and excited to bring that vision into reality with ADALend.