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Play-to-earn metaverse that is free-to-play and allows the players to earn on the content they generate in-game and the feats they accomplish.


The Chimeras project is a Play-to-Earn metaverse that takes the Free-to-Play approach of allowing players to earn on the content they generate in-game and the actions and feats they accomplish. The core concept of Chimeras is a thrilling mobile game with integrated DeFi farming and NFT tokenization that revolves around a fantasy world filled with cuddly creatures - Chimeras. Chimeras includes a well-developed backstory that engulfs players with its lore. The vast fantasy world of Chimeras is populated with farmers, alchemists, merchants, killers, landowners, and socials. The islands and archipelagos of the metaverse stretch out in the middle of a boundless world ocean, with some islands having owners, while travelers and merchants surf the expanses of the universe in search of adventures and profitable deals. The game also includes combat elements, as warriors are eager to fight worthy rivals in arenas, while scientists compete for the breeding of the most amazing creatures in their laboratories. The players are rewarded with NFT-based items or CHIM tokens that can be used to breed the creatures, trading, building the virtual land plots in the game, as well as in battles. The gamers can buy and sell everything, including trade reagents, resources, and creatures at auctions, while more peace-loving players can live on the rent they generate from the ownership of numerous islands. The team behind Chimeras has immense experience in the industry. This includes professionals in BlockchainDev, GameDev, and Marketing, all focused on creating a tier-1 entertainment crypto-game. More than 30 specialists implement cutting-edge practices to develop successful gaming solutions and focus on entertainment as the core throughout the entire gameplay.

Current team


List of the current and past investors into Chimeras with their respective financial instruments.

Profile Country Price Round
AU21 Capital Blockchain focused venture capital fund. United States Seed
AV Star Capital (Avstar Capital) Crypto incubator for the ASEAN region. Indonesia Seed
Avalon Wealth Club Seed
Bull Starter $ 0.6000 Initial DEX Offering (IDO)
Bullperks (BVI) Corp Platform for retail buyers to get access to private sale allocations to the most sought after crypto projects. Seed
Chain Ridge Capital Early-stage venture capital firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and decentralized finance. Seed
Kangaroo Capital Seed
Lotus Capital Crypto fund in the Middle East. Seed
LVT Capital Seed
Master Ventures Private, blockchain-focused venture capital firm and incubator. Hong Kong SAR China Seed
Oracles Investment Group (OIG) Platform for crypto project teams to raise capital, grow supporters, and crypto Investors to take part in promising projects. Seed
Otis Capital Vietnam Seed
Panda Capital Research and community driven venture capital firm focusing on investments in infrastructure, middleware, DeFi and other Web 3.0 applications. China Seed
Polygon Studios Seed
Poolz Seed
Roseon Finance Seed
Shima Capital Global investment fund focused on supporting cutting edge blockchain startups. United States Seed
X21 Digital Blockchain advisory and investment firm. Singapore Seed