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Trading platform that mixes centralized and decentralized components.

Multichain launchpad and multichain AMM decentralised exchange DEX.

Decentralized trading protocol, empowering traders, liquidity providers and developers to participate in an open financial marketplace.

Universal decentralised cryptocurrency exchange powered by atomic swaps.

Cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEx).

Revolutionary exchange whose singular charge is to bring the CEX-like experience to the world of DeFi.

Decentralized foreign exchange protocol optimized for stablecoins.

Developer of a decentralised exchange on a mission to build open, secure, and powerful financial products.

Non-custodial, decentralised exchange that allows a quick, effortless and secure transfer of liquidity between the Ergo and Cardano networks.

Decentralized exchange designed for interoperability, optimal pricing, zero slippage, and MEV-protected trades.

Decentralized margin and spot trading exchange.

"The first fully-permissionless DEX for trading perpetual contracts, powered by MCDEX's revolutionary AMM technology."

Community-first, decentralized exchange for creator cryptocurrencies.

Decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregator that aims to solve the liquidity problem in crypto markets.

On-chain decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) with highly efficient liquidity provisioning and up to 10x leverage for makers and takers.

Fully decentralized peer-to-peer orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate.

(Bitshares RuDEX)
Decentralised cryptocurrency exchange.

Decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace.

ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model.

The leading DEX on the IoTeX Chain.