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Augmented Reality Platform

3D-ready cloud platform which helps manage & deliver AR/VR content to apps & devices everywhere.

Creation and distribution of interactive AR/VR apps and content in real-time.

The world’s first eye-interaction solution for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality devices.

The World’s leading high–resolution near-to-eye (NTE) microdisplay supplier.

Augmented reality lens company.

Developer of proprietary spatial computing and experiential platforms.

Offer market-leading expertise in the latest Mobile Augmented Reality technologies.

Provider of technology-based training and virtual reality simulation software.

Multiplayer poker in virtual reality.

Virtual reality games studio.

Creative studio for VR experiences.

The interstellar music festival of the future.

Tonchidot leverages Augmented Reality technology to provide next-generation entertainment and social media apps such as "Sekai Camera".

Provider of augmented reality solutions in the world.

Provider of software for industrial augmented reality wearables.

Sexual harassment training in virtual reality.

Provider of virtual reality-based modeling solutions for architects.

Virtual reality software company.

Social network that takes the humble smartphone and transforms it into a passport to the outer edges by the user simply adding a virtual reality hea