ArcLight Capital Partners LLC
200 Clarendon Street
55th Floor
Boston, MA 02117
United States

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ArcLight Capital Partners LLC
41, avenue de la Gare
L-1611 Luxembourg

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Private equity firm focused on energy infrastructure investments.


Founded in 2001, we helped pioneer an asset-based private equity approach to investing in the dynamic energy sector. We have invested approximately $23 billion in 110 transactions since inception, generating strong realized returns for our limited partners from 69 exits across diverse market cycles. Based in Boston, our investment team targets midstream, power and production opportunities with substantial growth potential, significant current income and meaningful downside protection, typically on a proprietary basis. We employ a hands-on value creation strategy that utilizes our in-house technical, operational and commercial specialists as well as our 1,500+ person asset management affiliate.

Funds managed

Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital IRR x
Arclight Energy Partners Fund VI LP Other 2014 USD 5,575,000,000
Arclight Energy Partners Fund V LP Other 2010 USD 3,260,886,000
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund IV LP Other 2007 USD 2,100,000,000 12.60 % 1.50 x
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund III LP Other 2006 USD 2,100,000,000 8.60 % 1.50 x
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund II LP Other 2004 USD 1,600,000,000 16.16 % 1.48 x
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund I LP Other 2003 USD 950,000,000 24.37 % 1.81 x

Funding rounds

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GE Energy Financial Services Division of GE Capital which provides financial and technological investment in energy infrastructure projects around the world.

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Active investor

Selected investments

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Profile Country Date Funding
AL Gulf Coast Terminals LLC N/A
Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners LLC N/A
ArcLight WV Holdings II LLC N/A
Arkoma Pipeline Partners LLC N/A
Atlantic Power Corp Owns interest in a diversified portfolio of independent, non-utility power generation projects that are primarily situated in the U.S. N/A
BGH Holdings N/A
Black Bear Hydro Partners LLC N/A
Black Point Petroleum N/A
Blue Ridge Asphalt LLC N/A
Bronco Midstream N/A
Caithness Energy LLC Independent power company headquartered in New York City specializing in power generation. N/A
Cardinal Power Funding LLC N/A
Charger Oil and Gas LLC N/A
Courant CTR Holdings SAS N/A
Courant Enerpart Holdings SAS Owns 98% of Enertherm, a district energy production and network system N/A
Courant Spain Holdings Operator of nine cogeneration power plants located throughout Spain. N/A
CPV Wind Ventures LLC Developer of wind-powered generation facilities in North America. N/A
Crawfish Cogen LLC Operator of gas-fired cogeneration facility. N/A
Crystal Creek Coalpower Funding LLC N/A
Delta Person LLC Owner of a 140 MW gas-fired peaking power plant located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. N/A
DG Energy Solutions LLC Operator of commercial and industrial cogeneration, biomass, and district energy systems. N/A
Element Petroleum LP N/A
EMI Power Systems Operator of gas-fired generation facilities N/A
Epsilon Power LLC Owns a partnership interest in the Chambers Cogeneration Plant N/A
Escalade Energy LLC Operator of wood-fired power generation facility N/A

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