Austin Ventures
300 West 6th Street
Suite 2300
Austin, TX 78701-3902
United States

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KANDO id: 31337

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Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital IRR x
Austin Ventures X LP Venture 2008 USD 900,000,000
Austin Ventures IX LP Venture 2005 USD 525,000,000 5.52 % 1.36 x
Austin Ventures VIII LP Venture 2002 USD 830,000,000 6.89 % 1.63 x
Austin Ventures VII LP Venture 1999 USD 825,000,000 -2.82 % 0.81 x
Austin Ventures VI LP Venture 1998 USD 320,000,000 -7.83 % 0.63 x
Austin Ventures V LP Venture 1997 USD 170,000,000 31.88 % 1.98 x
Austin Ventures IV LP Venture 1994 USD 115,000,000 73.14 % 8.40 x
Austin Ventures III LP Venture 1990 USD 75,000,000
Austin Ventures II LP Venture 1987 USD 65,000,000
Austin Ventures LP Venture

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Profile Country Date Funding
AVRON Partners Inc N/A
Azul Systems Inc Provider of elastic deployment platforms for Java application. N/A
BBS Technologies Inc N/A
Beecher Carlson Holdings Inc N/A
BENCHMARQ Microelectronics N/A
BetweenMarkets Inc N/A
Black Sand Technologies Inc N/A
Bloomfire Inc Maker of a social web application for sales team productivity Series A
Boca Foods Company N/A
Boundless Network Inc N/A
BreakingPoint Systems Inc N/A
Britestream Networks Provides breakthrough solutions for the rapidly growing security market. Series C
BroadJump Inc N/A
BuildForge Inc N/A
Careline N/A
Caringo Inc N/A
Celarix N/A
CelPage Inc Wireless communications company. N/A
Century Payments Inc N/A
Chorum Technologies Leading provider of all-optical processors and subsystems in the fast-growing fiber-optics market. N/A
Clearcommerce Corp N/A
ClearCube Technology Inc N/A
ColdWatt Inc N/A
Complex Media LLC N/A
CompuPay Inc Provider of outsourced payroll processing and related services to small businesses. N/A
CompUSA Inc N/A
Conformative Systems Inc A technology company that develops and delivers solutions for computer systems, enterprise datacenter web services, and XML-based applications. N/A
COPAN Systems Inc N/A
CREDANT Technologies Inc N/A
Credence Systems Corp N/A N/A N/A
Crossroads Systems Inc N/A
Crystal Semiconductor Corp N/A
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc N/A
D2Audio Corp N/A
Dachis Corp N/A
Delta Rigging & Tools Inc N/A
Egenera Inc N/A
Emerus Hospital Partners LLC N/A
Entorian Technologies Inc N/A
ePartners Inc N/A
Exopolis Inc N/A
Explorys Inc Secure cloud-computing platform provider specialized for the healthcare industry. N/A
Exterprise N/A
FiveRuns Corp N/A
Floodgate Fund LP Early stage venture capital firm. N/A
Food on the Table N/A

Former team members

Employee Company Position
[node:title] photo Chris Pacitti Elsewhere Partners
[node:title] photo John Thornton Elsewhere Partners