Gensyn Ltd
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KANDO id: 14392650

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Gensyn Ltd
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UK Companies House 12601008

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Machine learning compute protocol that unites all of the world’s compute into a global supercluster, accessible by anyone at any time.

Funding rounds

Series A GBP 33,800,000

( )

Profile Country Notes
a16zcrypto (Ali Yahya) The blockchain-focused investment arm of Andreessen Horowitz. Initial investment. Led the round.
Canonical Crypto Early stage fund investing in web3 & crypto infrastructure. Initial investment.
CoinFund LLC Blockchain technology research company, advisory team, and private cryptoasset-focused investment vehicle. Initial investment.
Eden Block (Dermot O'Riordan), (Lior Messika) Initial investment.
Id4 Initial investment.
M31 Capital Partners LP Initial investment.
Maven 11 Capital Initial investment.
Peer Venture Partners Initial investment.
Protocol Labs Inc Open-source research and development lab that builds protocols, tools, and services to radically improve the internet, including Filecoin and IPFS. Initial investment.
Zee Prime Capital Initial investment.


20,000 GBP 0.0001 ordinary shares

Profile Country Notes
Entrepreneur First Investment Manager LLP Tehnology incubator that invests in individuals “pre-team, pre-idea” to help create new technology startups. Initial investment. (20,000 ordinary GBP 0.0001 shares)

Profile Country Notes
Counterview Capital New York-based venture capital firm focused on investments in seed-stage technology companies. Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
Galaxy Digital Ventures LLC NYC-based multi-strategy investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain technology. Initial investment.

Investment activity status
Active investor


Employee Position
Benjamin Fielding (founder)
Harry Grieve (founder)

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