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Atieva Energy solutions company for electric vehicle applications. N/A
Axikin Pharmaceuticals Inc Biopharmaceuticals company focused on the development of novel therapeutics for respiratory disorders. Series A
BioAmber Inc Manufacturer of largest bio-based chemical facilities in the world. Series B
Cylene Pharmaceuticals Inc Clinical stage private company developing small molecule drugs against newly validated cancer targets. Series B
Efficient Frontier Inc Provider of marketing solutions for both advertisers and agencies. Series C
Kovio Inc Developer of a new category of semiconductor products using printed silicon electronics and thin film technology N/A
NanoGram Corp Maker of core process technology for the manufacture of nanostructured materials for optical, electronic and energy applications Series C
Prudent Energy Corp Leading clean energy company. N/A
RGB Networks Inc A leading company in network video processing. Series C
Viridity Energy Inc Series C

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