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Bold Penguin Tech company that makes quoting and binding faster, simpler, and more profitable - with the largest commercial insurance exchange. N/A Initial investment
Clara Analytics Improving claims outcomes in commercial insurance through easy-to-ese artificial intelligence. N/A Initial investment
Cytora Ltd Transforming the way commercial insurers target, select and price risk. Series A
Hyper Labs Inc (HyperScience) Turning documents into data by automating manual data entry. Venture Initial investment
Jupiter Intelligence Provider of data and analytics services to better predict and manage risks caused by medium to long-term climate change. Series B Initial investment
Mitti Insurance New insurance market solution combining the risk mitigation technology to reimagine insurance for SMEs. N/A Initial investment
Zeguro Virtual cybersecurity platform which identifies risks and mitigates them with technology, training and process. Seed Initial investment
RiskGenius Application of artificial intelligence to insurance policies. Series A Initial investment Exited

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Current team