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Venture debt firm investing debt and equity capital in venture-backed technology, healthcare and clean technology companies.

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Alopa Networks Designer, developer and distributor of automated broadband provisioning solutions. N/A
Amber Networks Inc N/A
Ample Communications Inc Supplier of merchant silicon used in the development of high-speed communications equipment. N/A
Ample Medical Inc Developer of medical devices that treat vascular heart disease and congestive heart failure. N/A
Ampulse Corp Developer of crystalline-silicon thin-film solar cells. N/A
Analogix Semiconductor An innovator in high-performance analog and mixed-signal devices for digital media, particularly DisplayPort and HDMI. N/A
Anchor Intelligence Provider of a transparent actionable intelligence to ad networks, search engines, agencies and advertisers. N/A
Andale Provider of auction management tools and services for online buyers and sellers. N/A
Andigilog N/A
Apere N/A
Aristos Logic Corp Provider of RAID storage processing solutions N/A
Arroyo Video Solutions Inc Unique video services platform company which enables MSOs to deliver new video services faster, more profitably and to more subscribers. N/A
Asera Provider of leading-edge eBusiness solutions. N/A
Asoka USA Corp N/A
Aspire Medical Developer of medical devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). N/A
Astral Point Communications Inc N/A
Astro Gaming Developer of premium video gaming equipment N/A
Athena Design Systems Developer of electronic design software. N/A
Atlantis Computing Inc Developer of virtual server appliances that enhance storage virtualization for servers and desktops N/A
Atrica Inc N/A
Avamar Technologies Inc Enterprise data protection software company for corporations, medium to large-sized businesses, and multinational enterprises. N/A
Berkeley Design Automation Inc N/A
BeVocal Inc N/A
BigFix Inc N/A
Bioabsorbable Therapeutics Inc N/A
Biomerix Corp N/A
Bivio Networks Inc N/A
Biz360 Leader in technology-based analytic services for managing global reputations and brands. N/A
Blackfoot Inc Developer of Marketing Analytics Solution. N/A
Blaze Entertainment Global publisher of mobile games. N/A
Bloomspot Inc An analytical local internet marketing services company N/A
BlueRoads Corp A technology company that provides sales channel management software-as-a-service. N/A
Bluesocket Inc N/A
BlueStar Solutions B2B infrastructure for the Internet economy. N/A
Bocada Inc Developer and seller of comprehensive data protection services management software solutions. N/A
BorderWare Provider of messaging security solutions for enterprises and government. N/A
BridgeSpan N/A
Brion Technologies Inc Brion Technologies is the worldwide leader in computational lithography for integrated circuit Lithography-Driven Design and Manufacturing. N/A
Broad Daylight Developer of web based self-service software. N/A
Brocade Communications Systems Inc (Brocade) High performance Fiber Channel switches for storage area networks. N/A
Broncus Technologies Inc Developer of interventional bronchoscopy devices for the treatment of chronic lung diseases. N/A
Business Engine Provider of project portfolio management software enabling firms to manage technology investments. N/A
C8 Medisensors Developer of equipment for chemical detection and measurement in the human body N/A
Calico Commerce Provider of e-Commerce software that enables interactive buying and selling of complex products and services across a variety of platforms. N/A
Calient Technologies Inc Optical switches for enhanced data center performance. N/A
Calista Technologies Inc Software company that provides desktop virtualization solutions. N/A
Calix Inc Provider of broadband communications access systems and software. N/A
Cameron Health Inc A medical device company that has developed a totally subcutaneous implantable defibrillator – the S-ICD System. N/A
CancerVax N/A
Cardica Inc Manufacturer of vascular devices and products. N/A

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