ZS Partners
1133 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
United States

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KANDO id: 27911

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ZS Fund LP 1985 USD 145,000,000

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Profile Country Funding
American Repographics Company LLC Nation’s leading provider of reprographic services. N/A
Atlas Industrial Holdings LLC A leading provider of specialized industrial services. N/A
AUL Corp N/A
Birmingham Steel Corp Manufacturer of steel roofbolts and plates used in underground mines. N/A
Caressa Inc Importer of better-grade women’s shoes. N/A
Casabella Holdings LLC A leading designer, marketer and distributor of high-end household cleaning tools. N/A
Colorado Prime Inc Premier marketer of gourmet food and entertainment and dining-related accessories. N/A
Consolidated Stores Corp Retailer and wholesaler of closeout merchandise. N/A
Corral West Ranchwear Inc Retailer of western-style clothing. N/A
Coulton Chemical Company Supplier of sulphuric acid regeneration services to refineries and certain chemical companies in Ohio and Michigan. N/A
Cub Stores Inc N/A
Dairy Fresh LP Dairy processor serving food retailers and distributors in the Southeast. N/A
Diet Center Inc Franchise network of weight reduction centers located in the U.S. and Canada. N/A
Forest Products Holding Partnership Manufacturer of wood veneer used to produce laminated veneer lumber and plywood. N/A
Frankel Shops Inc Retailer of home furnishings. N/A
Gentry Shops Inc Retailer of men’s clothing in the Midwest N/A
Glasstech Inc World-dominant manufacturer of machinery used to temper and mold automotive architectural glass. N/A
Health Managment Systems Inc Provider of health care revenue enhancement, accounts receivable management and third party electronic claims. N/A
Industrial Air Tool A leading distributor of tools, equipment and consumable supplies to oil and gas drillers and refiners. N/A
Kaye Group Inc Insurance brokerage and underwriting firm with a strong position in niche property and casualty coverage markets. N/A
Life-Like Products LLC Manufacturer of expanded polystyrene foam products and the leading U.S. manufacturer of foam picnic coolers and ice chests. N/A
Loehmann's Inc Off-price retailer of women’s clothing. N/A
Market Facts Inc Leading provider of market research services, primarily to consumer product and service organizations. N/A
Mazel Company Wholesaler of closeout merchandise, purchasing primarily from manufacturers and reselling to over 600 retailers. N/A
Niagara Frontier Services Inc Leading food retailer in Buffalo and Western New York. N/A

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