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3V Transaction Services Ltd Pay-as-you-go credit card voucher company. Series A Initial investment
Abine Inc An online consumer privacy company that allows people to browse the web while keeping their identity safe. Series A Initial investment 5,000,000 (USD 5,000,000)
Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc Biopharmaceutical company dedicated to bringing important new treatments to patients with infectious disease. N/A Initial investment
Active Endpoints Inc Business process management software. Series A Initial investment
Adnexus Therapeutics Inc A biotechnology company focused on developing new class of therapeutic compounds. N/A Initial investment
AdSafe Media Inc Provider of online advertising brand protection and risk management solutions in the United States and Europe. Series B Initial investment led the round
AdSafe Media Inc Provider of online advertising brand protection and risk management solutions in the United States and Europe. N/A Follow-on investment
Advanced Electron Beams Inc (AEB) Provider of electron beam energy technology products and solutions worldwide. Series C Initial investment 14,200,000 (USD 14,200,000)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A Initial investment
Apogee Photonics Inc N/A Initial investment
Arbor Networks Inc DDoS attack prevention, network security and visibility solutions company. N/A Initial investment
Archemix Corp A biotechnology company, engages in discovering, developing, and commercializing aptamer therapeutics for the treatment of life threatening diseases. N/A Initial investment
Arteaus Therapeutics LLC A product-focused biotechnology company developing a novel treatment for migraine prevention. N/A Initial investment 18,000,000 (USD 18,000,000)
Avila Therapeutics Inc A biotechnology company, pioneering a method to discover and develop new small-molecule medicines that achieve 'protein silencing'. Series A Initial investment 21,000,000 (USD 21,000,000)
Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd A biotechnology company developing a novel technology platform for the creation of a new generation of biotherapeutics. Seed Initial investment
Bit9 Inc Market leader in adaptive application whitelisting. Series A Initial investment 6,000,000 (USD 6,000,000)
Castle Networks Inc N/A Initial investment
Cellzome AG A drug discovery and development company and a leader in the use of chemical proteomics technologies. Series C Initial investment 30,000,000 A Los Angeles-based video startup, started off as a platform that allowed users to curate video playlists in real time Seed Initial investment 1,500,000 (USD 1,500,000)
CloudSwitch Inc Provider of innovative software appliance that empowers an enterprise. Series A Initial investment 7,400,000 (USD 7,400,000)
CytoMed Inc A biotechnology company, engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization of pharmaceuticals to treat inflammation. N/A Initial investment
Dailymotion SA A web video portal for members to see, create, and share online videos. Series A Initial investment 9,500,000 (USD 9,500,000)
DataPower Technology Inc N/A Initial investment
DataXu Inc Provider of the leading real-time media management platform for digital advertising campaigns across online, mobile and video channels. Series A Initial investment 7,800,000 (USD 7,800,000)
DisplayLink Corp Developer of USB graphics technology designed to connect computers and displays using USB and Wireless USB. Series D Initial investment 15,000,000 (USD 15,000,000)
Dynogen Pharmaceuticals Inc Drug company focused on gastrointestinal and genitourinary disorders. N/A Initial investment
eDial Inc Conferencing and collaboration software company for enterprises and service providers. N/A Initial investment
Egalet Ltd A specialty pharma company focusing on pain management. N/A Initial investment 27,600,000 (USD 27,600,000)
Ellacoya Networks Inc N/A Initial investment
EnglishCentral Inc A web-based English language learning startup company. Seed Initial investment 1,380,000 (USD 1,380,000)
Epoch Systems Inc N/A Initial investment
eRoom Technology Inc N/A Initial investment
f-star Biotechnologische Forschungs- und Entwicklungsges mbH (f-star), (f-star Biotech) A next generation antibody company developing improved therapeutic antibodies and antibody fragments based on its unique Modular Antibody Technology. Seed Initial investment 1,950,000 (USD 1,950,000)
Fireclick Inc Provider of web analytics solutions. N/A Initial investment
FirstSense Software Inc Application management software company that could identify the root cause of application performance issues. N/A Initial investment Inc Seed Initial investment
FutureTense Inc N/A Initial investment
Globoforce Inc Provider of on-demand employee recognition software solutions. Series B Initial investment 9,300,000 (USD 9,300,000)
GrabCAD Ltd Services marketplace that connects manufacturing and product development companies with CAD engineers around the world. N/A Initial investment
Grockit Inc An online social learning company. Series C Initial investment 7,000,000 (USD 7,000,000)
Helicos BioSciences Corp A pioneer in high-speed, high-sensitivity DNA sequencing. N/A Initial investment 27,000,000 (USD 27,000,000)
Hopper Inc Online platform for travel and vacation planning that analyzes and predicts airfare. Series B Initial investment 8,000,000 (USD 8,000,000)
Horizon Pharma USA Inc N/A Initial investment
Icera Inc A fabless semiconductor company, developed a high performance soft modem technology for mobile broadband phone and data devices. Series D Initial investment 40,000,000 (USD 40,000,000)
Icera Semiconductor Inc Series D Initial investment
InfaCare Pharmaceutical Corp A privately held pediatric-focused specialty pharmaceutical company. Series A Initial investment 30,000,000 (USD 30,000,000)
InsightSquared Inc A small and midsize (SMB) business/data intelligence SaaS company. Seed Initial investment 1,000,000 (USD 1,000,000)
Inspirational Stores SA A French company of e-commerce which has a very strong growth, exploiting numerous prestigious brands in France and internationally. Series B Initial investment 10,000,000 (USD 10,000,000)
Isilon Systems Inc N/A Initial investment
JenaValve Technology GmbH A medical device company focused on developing transcatheter-delivered aortic valve systems to treat patients suffering from aortic valve disease. Series A Initial investment

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