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AltLayer Decentralized protocol that empowers developers to create rollups from various software stacks, offering a rollup-as-a-service model. N/A Initial investment
Ankr Inc Distributed cloud computing on trusted hardware. N/A Initial investment
APY.Finance (APY) Finding the best, risk-adjusted yield for traders by fully automating crypto yield strategies. N/A Initial investment
Ava Labs (Avalanche) Open-source platform for launching highly decentralised applications, new financial primitives, and new interoperable blockchains. N/A Initial investment
Benqi Algorithmic liquidity market protocol on Avalanche. N/A Initial investment
Corvell Labs Pte Ltd (Oddz Finance) Multi-chain options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot & Ethereum. N/A Initial investment
Covalent (CQT) N/A Initial investment
DeFi Wizard Dashboard for building DeFi (decentralized finance) smart contracts with a few clicks. N/A Initial investment
DIA (DIA) Open-source oracle platform that enables market actors to source, supply and share trustable data. N/A Initial investment
ETHA Lend Composable DeFi yield optimizer built on Ethereum and Polkadot. Seed Initial investment
Frontier (FRONT) N/A Initial investment
Jarvis Ltd Stable and liquid synthetic fiat currencies powered by an on-chain Forex market. N/A Initial investment
Kava Labs Inc Cross-chain DeFi platform offering collateralized loans and stablecoins to users of major cryptoassets. N/A Initial investment
Kira Network Layer 1 blockchain network enabling market access to any digital asset in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. N/A Initial investment
Manta Network N/A Initial investment
MCDEX (MCB) "The first fully-permissionless DEX for trading perpetual contracts, powered by MCDEX's revolutionary AMM technology." N/A Initial investment
Pax World (PAXW) Open metaverse for evolution of communication and commerce. N/A Initial investment
Persistence Interoperable protocol built to facilitate the creation of next-gen financial products. N/A Initial investment
Polkadot (DOT) Layer-0 blockchain that allows for blockchain interoperability and scalability. N/A Initial investment
Reef Finance LLC N/A Initial investment
Solana (SOL) Web-scale blockchain for fast, secure, scalable decentralized apps and marketplaces. N/A Initial investment
Stafi DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. N/A Initial investment
StakerDAO Platform for issuance and governance of financial assets in a decentralised, secure, and compliant manner. N/A Initial investment
SubQuery Network (SQT) Data-as-a-service provider that aggregates and organises data from Polkadot and Substrate projects. Series A Initial investment
UniLend Ltd Permissionless decentralised protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending & borrowing services through smart contracts. N/A Initial investment

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