1confirmation Management LLC
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1confirmation Management LLC
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Venture capital firm that supports exceptional founders fueling the decentralization of the web and society.


Founded by Nick Tomaino and backed by individuals like Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, and Mark Cuban and institutions like Horsley Bridge and Runa Capital, 1confirmation is a venture fund that supports exceptional founders fueling the decentralization of the web and society.

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Acala Token (ACA) Cross-chain DeFi Hub for Polkadot, Kusama and beyond. SAFT Initial investment
BASIS Stablecoin with an algorithmic central bank. N/A Initial investment
bloXroute Labs Scalability solution at the peer-to-peer networking layer designed to help blockchains scale to thousands of transactions per second on-chain. N/A Initial investment
dYdX Exchange Decentralized derivatives protocol. Seed Initial investment
Harbor Platform for tokenized securities that automates regulatory compliance. N/A Initial investment
Intangible Labs (Basecoin) Initial Coin Offering Initial investment
MakerDAO Decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain seeking to minimize the price volatility of its stable token (Dai) against the USD. Initial Coin Offering Initial investment
Nervos Foundation Decentralized application platform that separates validation from computation to improve on-chain scalability. Series A Initial investment
OpenSea Inc Marketplace for non-fungible assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Seed Initial investment led the round
SuperRare Premium NFT art platform governed by artists, collectors and curators. Series A Initial investment led the round
Vest Staking marketplace that connects stakeholders of stake-based networks with validators. N/A Initial investment
Visor Finance (VISR) Tooling for active liquidity management on concentrated liquidity AMM's such as Uniswap v3. N/A Initial investment led the round


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Nicholas Tomaino (founder)
[email protected]
Richard Chen
Frank Hourigan
Mike Tomaino

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