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Venture capital, venture builder, research, and marketing firm creating the leading blockchain companies of the future.


Momentum 6 is one of the first digital marketing agencies to provide tech-driven blockchain companies with reliable full-stack growth solutions. It has proven expertise in creating marketing momentum from the early growth stages of blockchain companies and keeping the momentum going as companies mature.

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Anypad (APAD) Multichain launchpad and multichain AMM decentralised exchange DEX. Private Round Initial investment
Arche Network (ARCH) User-friendly decentralized crypto asset store in metaverse with a DPaaS (Decentralized Protocol as a Service) service architecture. N/A Initial investment
Arker (ARKER) Play to earn role-playing game. N/A Initial investment
BSC Station (BSCS) Full-stack DeFi with NFT auction on the Binance Smart Chain. Seed Initial investment
Colizeum (ZEUM) Out of the box dApps for game developers to build blockchain play-to-earn games and endless amounts of games for players to earn from. N/A Initial investment
DeHorizon (DEVT) Interactive and decentralized metaverse game ecosystem. Venture Initial investment
Dreams Quest (DREAMS) The first experiential play and earn role playing game (RPG) where your dreams and subconscious intertwine with the physical world. Private Round Initial investment
Enjinstarter (EJS) IDO & INO launchpad for gaming, metaverse & P2E projects. N/A Initial investment
Gaia Everworld (GAIA) Immersive, multi-region fantasy world in which players build their kingdoms, explore the lands, collect, breed and battle their Gaia Legionnaires. Private Round Initial investment
Jigen (JIG) N/A Initial investment
Legend of Fantasy War (LFW) 3D turn-based role-playing game empowered by blockchain. Private Round Initial investment
Legends of Mitra (MITA) Private Round Initial investment
Lunaverse (LUV) NFT buildings x DeFi protocols x Metaverse x Play2Earn. N/A Initial investment
Mecha Morphing Next-generation violence aesthetic combat strategy game. Seed Initial investment
Moonscape (MSCP) The first-ever city-building game on Moonbeam. Private Round Initial investment
Netvrk (NTVRK) Multichain metaverse on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to monetize your content via NFTs . Private Round Initial investment
NFTify (N1) AI services provider aimed to help detect fake, duplicates or similar tokens for enhancing copyright protection. Private Round Initial investment
OP Games OP Games allows developers to turn entire games into fractionalized NFTs. N/A Initial investment
ParaState [] Multi-chain smart contract platform that extends the frontier of Ethereum using the Substrate framework. Venture Initial investment
Pinknode (PNODE) Polkadot-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service project aiming to accelerate adoption and empower innovators to create Web 3.0 meta protocol. Private Round Initial investment
Polkadex (PDEX) Fully decentralized peer-to-peer orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate. Private Round Initial investment
PolkaFoundry Platform for creating borderless and frictionless DeFi apps. N/A Initial investment
Polkarare (PRARE) NFT infrastructure providing: a multi-chain marketplace, NFT wallet, collections, NFT collateralized tokens, NFT price discoverability protocol. Private Round Initial investment
Roco Finance (ROCO) Private Round Initial investment
Space Falcon (FCON) N/A Initial investment
Step Hero (HERO) N/A Initial investment
The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) NFT Game on Polygon. Private Round Initial investment
Torum (XTM) Revolutionary SocialFi metaverse ecosystem designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users. N/A Initial investment
Xverse (XVC) All in one toolbox for the metaverse. Private Round Initial investment

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