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Interactive and decentralized metaverse game ecosystem.


DeHorizon is committed to becoming the next generation of Metaverse Game Ecosystem, where players can immersively create, earn, and entertain with other peer players. The long-term vision of DeHorizon Metaverse is to launch an autonomous and co-created "Disneyland" open for all the Metaverse Human across multiple chains, powering the interoperability of Metaverse.

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David Chiu

David has more than 5 years of experience in crypto wallet development. After receiving a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Houston, he became the technical director of several multinational technology companies, as well as the CTO of many AR and AI companies. He primarily focuses on technical direction and implementation, especially in the blockchain sector.

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Cecilia Maple

Cecilia is responsible for DeHorizon’s global marketing operations. With over 7 years of experience operating and marketing in Fintech and Blockchain, she was the previous marketing director of Bithumb Global, one of the world’s leading exchanges.

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Todd Porter

Todd leads the direction of blockchain-based games on DeHorizon, working on gameplay strategies and in-game economy systems. He is a gaming veteran, with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and team management experience in the gaming sector. Before joining the DeHorizon Foundation, Todd served as the founding producer of "Dungeons & Dragons" and the world's first MMO mobile game "Ultima". He has been ranked as one of the "Top 50 Elites Over 50" in the global game industry.

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Joe Scott

Joe is in charge of business development and further growth. After earning an MBA from Cornell University, he entered the tech space as a serial entrepreneur. With first-class leadership and business skills, he worked as the former Verizon SVP and director of an investment fund.

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CT Zhou

As the head of Studio, CT is involved in almost all aspects of game development, such as design, development, gameplay and much more. He has over 10 years of experience developing traditional games and has published more than 20 top games. His vast experience makes him familiar with all kinds of gaming development and design. Previously, he was the CTO and founding member of Yoozoo, which commands 20% of the mobile game market share (12.7B market cap) in Asia.

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Shane Zhu

Shane has rich experience in creating startups and business strategies. A graduate of UC Berkeley Robotics, he is a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Before DeHorizon Foundation, Shane worked as a crypto trading fund manager. With a pioneering spirit, he has been developing NFT projects since 2017.


List of the current and past investors into DeHorizon with their respective financial instruments.

Profile Country Phone Round
Akatsuki Inc Venture
Animoca Brands (Outblaze Ventures) Developer and publisher of smartphone apps United States Venture
Bitscale Capital GmbH Venture capital firm based in Switzerland. Switzerland Venture
Bo Feng Individual investor. Venture
bybit One of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than 2 million registered users. Venture
Crasolum Venture
Darren Lau Individual investor. Venture
Dialectic Switzerland Venture
Digital Finance Group (DFG) Diversified business group that focuses on blockchain and digital assets. China +86 (21) 6123-7225 8006 Venture
Dragonfly Capital Multi-stage venture capital firm focused on the software, fintech, cryptocurrency, and financial services sectors. United States Venture
Everest Ventures Group Venture
Formless Capital Venture
Gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) Venture
Infinity Ventures Venture
JSquare Crypto investment and advisory firm. Singapore Venture
Kardia Ventures Venture
LD Capital Crypto fund in investment and trading in primary and secondary markets, whose sub-funds include dedicated eco fund, FoF and hedge fund. Singapore Venture
Lucid Blue Ventures (LucidBlue Ventures) The bridge between institutional grade fintech and the crypto world. China Venture
Maeve Ventures Ltd Independent firm that specializes in blockchain, cryptography and other digitisation technology enabling new businesses. Venture
Masa Keith Nakatsu (Masa) Individual investor. Venture
Mechanism Capital Venture capital firm focused on the crypto ecosystem and decentralized finance sectors. United States Venture
Meteorite Labs Japan Venture
Miss Bitcoin Venture
Momentum 6 Venture capital, venture builder, research, and marketing firm creating the leading blockchain companies of the future. Venture
OKEx Blockdream Ventures The corporate venturing arm of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange. Venture
Pluto Capital Venture
Puzzle Ventures Venture capital firm dedicated to helping early-stage blockchain startups grow and reshaping the future of crypto. China Venture
Republic Realm Venture
Ruby Capital United States Venture
Santiago Santos Individual investor. Venture
Sfermion Metaverse-native investment firm. Venture
StableNode (Stable Node) Venture
Taureon Venture
Tess Ventures Venture
The Lao Venture
Yield Guild Games (YGG) Venture
Youbi Capital Digital asset VC and Accelerator focused on investing in projects that abstracts the functionalities of infrastructure applications. Venture
Zonff Partners Portfolio fund focusing on venture capital, quant funds and computing investments in the blockchain sector. China Venture