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Profile Date Funding (NUUM) Platform for user-created metaverses and games with opportunities to earn. Private Round Initial investment
Credefi (CREDI) Providing crypto-lending for real-world projects. Private Round Initial investment
Cudos (CUDOS) N/A Initial investment
DaFi Protocol (DAFI) Private Round Initial investment
DAO Maker (DAO) N/A Initial investment
DeXe (DEXE) Decentralized copying of successful traders. N/A Initial investment
DIA (DIA) Open-source oracle platform that enables market actors to source, supply and share trustable data. N/A Initial investment
Drunk Robots (METAL) Play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain. N/A Initial investment
Jenny Metaverse (uJENNY) Metaverse DAO and Social Token based on Unicly. Seed Initial investment
Kattana (KTN) N/A Initial investment
Kine Protocol (KINE) "Derivative market with infinite liquidity, zero gas and 20x leverage." N/A Initial investment
Launch X Multi-chain decentralized IDO launchpad platform. N/A Initial investment
Libre DeFi (LIBRE) Complete multi-chain decentralized DeFi ecosystem. Private Round Initial investment
Linear (LINA) Cross-chain compatible, delta-one asset protocol. N/A Initial investment
Metarun (MRUN) First play to earn (P2E) endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. Private Round Initial investment
Mintlayer (MLT) Long-term, secure solution for scaling and accelerating the future of decentralized finance. N/A Initial investment
Moma Protocol (MOMAT) Factory, launcher and aggregator for decentralized money markets. N/A Initial investment
NFTify (N1) AI services provider aimed to help detect fake, duplicates or similar tokens for enhancing copyright protection. Private Round Initial investment
Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) N/A Initial investment
Persistence Interoperable protocol built to facilitate the creation of next-gen financial products. N/A Initial investment
Phuture Decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of passive index strategies in a Web3 environment. Seed Initial investment
Pinknode (PNODE) Polkadot-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service project aiming to accelerate adoption and empower innovators to create Web 3.0 meta protocol. Private Round Initial investment
Polkamarkets DeFi-powered prediction market built for cross-chain information exchange, based on Polkadot. N/A Initial investment
Polkarare (PRARE) NFT infrastructure providing: a multi-chain marketplace, NFT wallet, collections, NFT collateralized tokens, NFT price discoverability protocol. Private Round Initial investment
RAMP DeFI N/A Initial investment
Terra Virtua Ltd N/A Initial investment
The Kylin Project Oracle on Polkadot. N/A Initial investment

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