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RCT Studio Inc.
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rct AI

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Provider of AI solutions to the game industry and building the true Metaverse with AI-generated content.


rct AI is providing AI solutions to the game industry and building the true Metaverse with AI-generated content. By using cutting-edge technologies, especially deep learning and reinforcement learning, rct AI creates a truly dynamic and intelligent user experience both on the consumers’ side and production’s side. We believe the next generation of gaming experiences will be more open-world, more immersive, and more intelligent. The interaction between human players and the virtual world will be more dynamic and multiplex. To realize this vision, rct AI is helping designers and game developers create a truly dynamic and intelligent gaming experience with various products and solutions to the industry. An alumnus of Y Combinator Winter 2019, rct is based in Los Angeles and Beijing.

Funding rounds

Series A-3 USD 10,000,000

USD 10,000,000 ( )

Profile Country Notes
Springwind Ventures Initial investment. Led the round.
Yuanyuzhou Ventures Initial investment. Led the round.
Bonfire Union Initial investment.
Everest Ventures Group Venture studio driving the mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain technologies. Initial investment.
FBG Capital Digital asset management firm. Initial investment.
Folius Ventures Initial investment.
Hash Global Blockchain focused fund management company. Initial investment.
HashKey Capital Institutional asset manager investing exclusively in blockchain technology and digital assets. Initial investment.
Lucid Blue Ventures (LucidBlue Ventures) The bridge between institutional grade fintech and the crypto world. Initial investment.
Mask Network Enabling users of popular social media platforms to send cryptocurrency, interact with decentralized applications, and share encrypted content. Initial investment.
PKSHA SPARX Algorithm Fund Initial investment.
SNZ Holding Initial investment.
Zonff Partners Portfolio fund focusing on venture capital, quant funds and computing investments in the blockchain sector. Initial investment.
Liang Xinjun Individual investor. Initial investment.
Galaxy Interactive Follow-on investment.


( )

Profile Country Notes
Y Combinator American technology startup accelerator. Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
Galaxy Interactive Initial investment. Led the round.

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