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Portfolio fund focusing on venture capital, quant funds and computing investments in the blockchain sector.


Zonff Partners is a portfolio fund focusing on venture capital, quant funds and computing investments in the blockchain sector. Drived by industry cycle and in-depth research, we adopt more complex three-dimensional management strategies to systematically capture structural opportunities in the development cycle of blockchain. We have invested in more than 60 projects, have rich industrial resources at home and abroad, and actively participate in various excellent developer communities and autonomous organizations, aiming to jointly promote the stable development of industry ecology with entrepreneurs. Currently, it focuses on open finance, Web3 infrastructure, NFT, physical industry applications and transaction ecology track.

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Algorand (ALGO) Scalable, secure and decentralised digital currency and transactions platform. N/A Initial investment
Bandot Foundation Cross-chain unsecured lending system. N/A Initial investment
Bifrost Global Ltd N/A Initial investment
Celer Bringing Internet scale to every blockchain. N/A Initial investment
Certik Formal verification platform for blockchain ecosystems. N/A Initial investment
Conflux Network N/A Initial investment
Crust Network N/A Initial investment
DeHorizon (DEVT) Interactive and decentralized metaverse game ecosystem. Venture Initial investment
Duet Protocol (DUET) Multi-chain synthetic asset protocol that sharpens all assets for use in the blockchain world. Seed Initial investment
Ice Vape N/A Initial investment
IOST (IOST) N/A Initial investment
IoTeX (IOTX) N/A Initial investment
Manta Network N/A Initial investment
Mask Network Enabling users of popular social media platforms to send cryptocurrency, interact with decentralized applications, and share encrypted content. N/A Initial investment
Nervos Foundation Decentralized application platform that separates validation from computation to improve on-chain scalability. N/A Initial investment
Perlin (PERL) Trustless and decentralized cloud computing marketplace that leverages underutilized compute power in everyday smart-devices for supercomputing. N/A Initial investment
Polkadot (DOT) Layer-0 blockchain that allows for blockchain interoperability and scalability. N/A Initial investment
RCT Studio Inc (rct AI) Provider of AI solutions to the game industry and building the true Metaverse with AI-generated content. Series A-3 Initial investment
RSK N/A Initial investment
Zilliqa (ZIL) Your portal to the blockchain world, enabling you to create user-friendly dApps more easily. N/A Initial investment

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