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The corporate venturing arm of Coinbase investing in companies building the open financial system.

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0x (ZRX) Blockchain protocol for trading tokens. N/A Initial investment
Aleo Systems Inc "The first platform for fully private applications." N/A Initial investment
Alongside Finance Inc Developer of software allowing to bring passive and long-term investments into crypto assets. N/A Initial investment
Amber AI Group Crypto finance service provider that provides liquidity provision, trading, and asset management services. N/A Initial investment
Ancient8 Software infrastructure layer for Web3 Gaming. N/A Initial investment
Anoma Network (ANOMA) Sovereign, proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that enables private, asset-agnostic cash and private bartering among any number of parties. Seed Initial investment
Aptos Labs Developing products and applications on the Aptos blockchain that redefine the web3 user experience. N/A Initial investment
Arcium Decentralized physical infrastructure network for confidential computing. N/A Initial investment
Arweave (AR) Protocol that enables document and application storage forever. N/A Initial investment
Audius (AUDIO) Decentralized audio distribution, attribution, and monetization. N/A Initial investment
Axelar (AXL) N/A Initial investment
Biconomy (BICO) Multi-chain transaction infrastructure for next-generation Web3 applications. N/A Initial investment
Bison Trails (BisonTrails) Enabling participation in multiple blockchains effortlessly with secure infrastructure. N/A Initial investment
Bitcoin (BTC) Decentralised digital currency. N/A Initial investment
Bitski Inc Developer-focused blockchain wallet infrastructure provider that allows creators, brands, and platforms to easily create, sell, and purchase NFTs. Seed
BlockFi Provider of wealth management products for crypto investors, powered by blockchain technology. N/A Initial investment
Braintrust (BTRST) Access jobs with the world’s leading enterprises. N/A Initial investment
Casa Inc Provider of Bitcoin self-custody solutions. Seed Initial investment
Celo (CELO) Platform for fast secure digital payments. N/A Initial investment
CoFiX N/A Initial investment
CoinDCX Indian cryptocurrency exchange. Series D Initial investment
Coinmine Cryptocurrency miner for the rest of us. N/A Initial investment
CoinTracker "The gold standard in cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax compliance". N/A Initial investment
Compound Labs Inc Developer of algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications. N/A Initial investment
Compound Uni (CUNI) N/A Initial investment


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