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Developer of innovative semisolid lithium-ion batteries.

Developer of Lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems.

Distributes and services aircraft batteries and battery support equipment

Manufacturer and developer of high energy and high capacity lithium-ion batteries

Developer of Batteriser, the reusable sleeve that slips over batteries and extracts their remaining energy to extend their lives.

Design, development and scale manufacturing of ultra-thin film batteries.

Chinese auto and rechargeable battery company.

Developer of primary and rechargeable batteries enabled by nanotechnology.

Developer and marketer of low-cost Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC) energy storage systems.

Developer of lithium-ion batteries with new type of electrode material.

(Energy Storage System)
Developer of a low-cost, long-duration battery for commercial and utility-scale energy storage.

(Fluidic Energy)
Rechargeable zinc-air battery and energy storage cells manufacturer.

Graphene research, development and investment company that invests in, manages and develops markets for processes for economically scalable graphene.

Developer of next generation nano-technology based ultra-capacitors for energy storage

Grid-scale energy storage company.

New battery technology company established by former Stanford University researchers.

Manufacturer of powerful and energy-dense battery packs.

Developer of high-energy rechargeable lithium-ion batteries based on a nanostructured polymer electrolyte.

German maker of lithium-ion battery packs powered by solar energy.