ARCH Venture Partners
1700 Owens Street
Suite 535
San Francisco, CA 94158
United States

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KANDO id: 30599

Corporate information

Official name
ARCH Venture Partners LP
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Official identities

US CIK 0001666306

Company type

Venture capital firm providing seed and early stage capital, with a special expertise in co-founding and building technology firms from startup

Funds managed

Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital IRR x
ARCH Venture Fund IX LP Venture 2016 USD 408,400,000
ARCH Venture Fund VIII Overage LP Venture 2015 USD 150,000,000
ARCH Venture Fund VIII LP Venture 2014 USD 400,532,000
ARCH Venture Fund VII LP Venture 2007 40.69 % 3.99 x
ARCH Venture Fund VI LP Venture 2003 3.49 % 1.09 x
ARCH Venture Fund V LP Venture 2000
ARCH Venture Partners IV Venture 1999 USD 175,000,000
ARCH Venture Partners III Venture 1997 USD 107,000,000
ARCH Venture Partners II Venture 1993

Funding rounds

Profile Country
Chevron Technology Ventures LLC (CTV) Corporate venturing subsidiary of ChevronTexaco, focusing on the commercialisation and integration of emerging technologies within Chevron

Top investment portfolio themes
genomics (2)  

Actual initial investment stage
N/A (4)

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Active investor

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