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DeFi coverage aggregator that makes securing your DeFi assets against hacks as easy as possible.

Tech company that makes quoting and binding faster, simpler, and more profitable - with the largest commercial insurance exchange.

Risk coverage platform for stablecoins, protocols, smart contracts, exchanges and more.

InsurTech for Parametric Insurance Solutions

Coterie integrates insurance into tools and processes that businesses and operators already use, adding protection with just a click.

Decentralised finance (DeFi) insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem.

Transforming the way commercial insurers target, select and price risk.

The building block for the emerging decentralized insurance economy on blockchain.

New insurance market solution combining the risk mitigation technology to reimagine insurance for SMEs.

Insurance marketplace, utilising smart contracts to code the rules of how insurance can be placed, traded, claimed and settled.

Enables the creation and support of digital self-insurance pools.

Application of artificial intelligence to insurance policies.

Simplesurance's platform allows cross selling of product insurance directly at the point of sale in EU.

Provider of detailed, accurate and near-instant property exposure data.

(Wefox Group)
Online insurance platform helping customers compare different service providers and manage their existing contracts all in one place.

(datebao.com), (大特保)
Online discount health insurer.

Developer of AI software dedicated to the insurance distribution.

Blockchain AI insurance solution which will provide a decentralized insurance ecosystem with precision marketing and intelligent insurance claims.