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Provider of video-chat based doctor’s office with back-end automation.

Using AI to predict biochemistry for manufacturing and therapeutics.

DNA testing and genome sequencing firm.

Healthcare through neuro-simulation.

Medical device company developing minimally invasive therapies for structural heart disease.

Precision medicine for Africans and the global population.

AI-enabled SaaS that diagnoses drug-resistant turberculosis (DR-TB) in hours instead of weeks.

India's telemedicine platform and online pharmacy for dermatology care.

Software-based storage platform used by medical teams to monitor vital signs.

Dacadoo offers leading digital solutions for companies as well as for corporate health promotion and wellness.

Blockchain solution for the global dental industry.

Online subscription pharmacy that deliver patients with chronic diseases their prescriptions.

In-game currency of the OliveX, fitness metaverse.

Online service which matches verified carers with those who require live-in care.

Developer of machine learning algorithmic tools for analysing medical data.

(MBC Biolabs)
Unleashing data for immune-mediated drug discovery and clinical biomarker discovery.

Developer of a personal health data platform that enables any American to collect, personalize, and share a picture of their health data.

Life sciences company focused on early cancer detection.

Consortium of healthcare companies focused on accelerating meaningful innovation using blockchain and DLT.