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UK-based venture capital firm that focuses on seed investments.

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LocalGlobe VIII LP Venture

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Profile Country Date Funding
Abe's Market Co Online marketplace for natural products N/A
AccuRx Ltd Series A
Adhunter Ltd (Adzuna) N/A
Arex N/A
Beryl Design and tech company on a mission to get more people in cities on bikes. N/A
Bitly Inc N/A
Breedr N/A
Bricklane Investment Services Ltd N/A
Calipsa N/A
Citymapper N/A
Cleo AI Ltd Seed led the round
Cleo AI Ltd Series A
Covee Network AG Blockchain-based platform for decentralized teamwork. Seed led the round
Curiscope N/A
Cuvva N/A
Drivy France N/A
Eastnine N/A
Echobox N/A
ExpoCart N/A
Farmeron Inc N/A
Figma Inc N/A
Food52 Inc N/A
Freeagent Software Inc N/A
Gitter N/A
Gojimo N/A
Gospel Technology N/A
Hibob Inc N/A
HomeTree N/A
Improbable British metaverse technology company. Seed Initial investment
Jobbatical N/A
Juno N/A
JustPark Parking Ltd Desiger and developmer of a platform for reserving spaces for car parking. Seed
JustPark Parking Ltd Desiger and developmer of a platform for reserving spaces for car parking. Series A
Justworks Inc N/A
Linkdex N/A
LOVEFiLM International Ltd N/A
Mashery Inc API infrastructure for web services providers. N/A
Metabolic Healthcare Ltd (Echo) Developer of a consumer healthcare application which allows users to manage their repeat drug prescriptions and adherence via mobile app. N/A
MOO Print Ltd A pioneer in web-to-print technology. N/A
Motorway N/A
MyHeritage Ltd Online genealogy platform with web, mobile, and software products and services. N/A
Nuji N/A
Oh Goodlord Ltd (Goodlord) Seed
Oh Goodlord Ltd (Goodlord) Series A
OpenX Ltd The world's most popular open source ad server, trusted by more than 30,000 web publishers in over 100 countries. N/A
OpenX Technologies Inc Digital advertising company enabling businesses to manage and maximize their ad revenue. N/A
Opsmatic Inc N/A
Osper N/A
Otonomo N/A
Platoon N/A

Current team

Employee Position
Robin Klein (founder)
General Partner
[node:title] photo Saul Klein (founder)
[node:title] photo Suzanne Ashman Blair
Julia Hawkins
[node:title] photo George Henry
[node:title] photo Michael Mashkautsan
[node:title] photo Rose McCourt
Operations Director
[node:title] photo Sathya Smith
Venture Partner
Michelle You
Venture Partner
[node:title] photo Remus Brett
[node:title] photo Emma Phillips

Current team